SPRING’s work in Bangladesh uses the 1,000 days approach within the health and agriculture sectors to facilitate social and behavior change aimed at preventing stunting in young children. Working in 40 upazilas, or sub-divisions, in the USAID Feed the Future zones of influence of Barisal and Khulna, SPRING/Bangladesh reaches a substantial proportion of the country’s nearly 160 million people. Activities focus on mobilizing Farmer Nutrition Schools and promoting Essential Nutrition and Hygiene Actions (ENHA) and the consumption of nutritious and diverse diets for pregnant and lactating women and children under two.

SPRING's main partners in Bangladesh include the Directorate General of Health Services, Directorate General of Family Planning, National Nutrition Services, Revitalization of Community Clinic Health Care Initiatives in Bangladesh, Department of Agriculture Extension, Agricultural Information Services, and the USAID-funded WorldFish Project, the Horticulture Project, and other non-USAID-funded projects, such as Alive & Thrive, Regional Fisheries and Livestock Development Component, and The Hunger Project.