SPRING plans, implements, and evaluates activities across a range of global nutrition topics. Selected activities from our programs are highlighted below.

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Filming a group of women practicing healthy food preparation
dashboard that shows a map of Burkina Faso with the areas in which SPRING works highlighted in green.
Slide from a meeting of the USAID Multi-Sectoral Anemia Task Force
BRINDA 2 team
A group of people meeting around a table
A group of people looking at maps laid out on the table
A health worker uses a hemocue on a patient.
A mother feeds her baby
Denish (side) presenting to trainers
SPRING trainer Cholpon conducting supportive supervision in FMC in Naryn.
Community members gather to watch a short skit on nutrition and hygiene best practices created by community members.
Healthcare worker working with mother holding infant
Members of a hygiene monitoring unit in Keur Socé, in Kaolack Department work on their action-plan to for how they will monitor hygiene in their communities.
A grandmother speaks with RIP FM radio about what she learned during a video dissemination about complementary feeding, and why she encouraged her son to join her at the screening.
Examining the District Assessment Tool for Anemia
Victor Pinga, SPRING Agriculture Advisor, and Ashley Aakesson, SPRING SBCC Advisor, feature the SPRING linking agriculture-to-nutrition pathways as they lead an interactive session to orient partners on nutrition-sensitive agriculture.
Harvesting cowpeas
A father feeds his daughter mashed mango.
 Adolescent girls aged 12-17 review illustrations conveying information on dietary diversity during concept testing for nutrition and hygiene activities included in a training package geared towards OVCs.
Women and children sitting outside
Teams from the training practice what they learn by making a test video on making peanut butter.
Photo of women meeting together outside
Grace Ezan, ENA/EHA Advisor, provides a background of the nutrition environment within the SPRING/Senegal program zone of influence.
Screenshot of map
Three people doing an assessment
SPRING/Bangladesh staff collecting coordinates
A community worker trains a group of people
A community activist meets with a group of people
Two women smiling during training