Photo of a group of people sitting at a panel: Participants attend a two day training on the linkages between agriculture and nutrition.
Apr 2018
On April 5-6, SPRING conducted a workshop with the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University on understanding the linkages between agriculture and nutrition in the Kyrgyz Republic.
Photo of a group of women.
Mar 2018
SPRING presented at the 1,000 Days Advocacy Working Group Meeting on six years of work highlighting gender equity for improved nutrition.
Photo of a man pointing to a board with many brightly colored written cards posted.
Feb 2018
SPRING’s two-day workshop trained FAIR project implementing partners in nutrition-sensitive agriculture.
A graphic representation of a woman cleaning a yard of animal feces, disposing of the feces responsibly, and washing her hands with a tippy tap.
Jan 2018
SPRING co-facilitated a session on implementation science with GAIN and the Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition at GWU’s Global Health MiniU in September 2017.
Photo of farmers, close up, working in the ground with his hands, behind him, two men are tilling the ground, tools held high to swing down into the grass. Photo credit: Feed the Future.
Dec 2017
Key stakeholders explore SPRING’s newest training, Accelerating Behavior Change for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture.
Photo: SPRING/Senegal’s  Agriculture/Markets Officer, Mamadou Ba, holds up a photo of one of the cereal processing units that SPRING helped install in communities.
Dec 2017
SPRING/Senegal organized two close-out ceremonies in Kaolack and in Dakar to showcase 18 months of implementation in the areas of nutrition-sensitive agriculture, SBCC, gender, and WASH.
A man and woman stand in front of the camera. The woman looks ahead, the man looks and smiles at their baby in his arms
Oct 2017
The group visited one of SPRING’s partner radio stations, micro-gardens, and chicken coops, and observed a community video dissemination.
Picture of a group of people looking over a collection of nutrition informational materials on a table.
Oct 2017
SPRING/Ghana hosted a learning event to share important lessons and celebrate accomplishments in improving maternal and child nutrition in the country from 2014-2017.
Several men and women cut the ribbon in front of the new nut roasting machine.
Sep 2017
SPRING supported the public-private partnership between USAID and Hershey’s, launching a groundnut roaster to produce health foods for Ghanaian children.
One man kneels and looks at the screen of a video camera. Two women and two men lean over his shoulder to also see the screen.
Sep 2017
SPRING shared its SPRING/Guinea Social and Behavior Change (SBC) approaches at the ICTforAg 2017 conference during a session entitled "Multi-Channel Communications in Hard-to-Reach Places."
Four women sit in a close group on benches outside. The woman at the center-front is holding a microphone up to the woman in the center-back.
Jun 2017
SPRING/Guinea trained staff from community radio stations on developing effective interactive radio programming supporting nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices.
A man tapes documents to a yellow wall.
May 2017
SPRING/Guinea tested and refined a nutrition-sensitive agriculture training package.
Ibrahima Ly, SPRING/Senegal social mobilization officer, explains SPRING’s multi-sectoral approach to visitors.
Apr 2017
SPRING/Senegal is participating in (FIARA) to promote a multi-sectoral approach to improving nutrition.
OFSP_MTMSG members in Tatale District display their Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) yields
Mar 2017
SPRING/Ghana is promoting the cultivation and consumption of OFSP and fortified maize as a way of improving vitamin A consumption among 1,000 day households.
Screenshot of the tool page
Mar 2017
Expert input has enhanced SPRING’s guidance tool for assessing anemia at a national level.
Mar 2017
This International Women's Day, SPRING shows its appreciation for women around the world, honoring their achievements and recognizing the contributions they make to healthy families, communities, and...
Sarah Hogan at the SPRING booth.
Mar 2017
Victor Pinga and Sarah Hogan attended the INGENAES Global Symposium to share our nutrition-sensitive agriculture work.
Groundnut shellers
Mar 2017
SPRING is distributing nut shellers to communities in Northern Ghana as a demonstration of their ability to save labor for female groundnut and shea nut farmers.
Nora Madrigal (USAID), Aisha Zhorobekova (USAID), Il Hyong Won (Good Neighbors)
Feb 2017
SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic hosted an event for health officials in Bishkek to discuss nutrition-sensitive agriculture and launch a new reference book on long-term food storage and preservation.
Feb 2017
SPRING/Senegal organized a two-day workshop on improved village-level poultry rearing for members of its agricultural partner networks.
Nathan Park, center, poses with SPRING volunteers and trainers after a session on methods of long term storage and preservation of nutritious foods at home.
Feb 2017
Deputy Mission Director Nathan Park visited SPRING activity sites in Kok-Jangak rayon, where he participated in a training on home-based storage of nutritious foods, and joined a home visit to...
Orientation participant looking at a SPRING infographic
Feb 2017
SPRING led a nutrition sensitive agriculture orientation for consortium organization managers from the EAIN project in Sierra Leone.
Workshop participants
Jan 2017
SPRING facilitated a two-day workshop to help CHAIN project partners define collaboration goals and expectations, and to develop an integrated workplan to improve nutrition and community health.
DFN representative giving a welcome speech at the learning event
Dec 2016
SPRING/Sierra Leone and HKI hosted an event to share findings from a barrier analysis, an adapted value chain analysis of fish and pumpkin consumption, and an assessment on infant feeding and hygiene...
Mother and baby in a field of crops
Oct 2016
SPRING shares five ways agriculture can improve nutrition and five ways climate change impacts nutrition.
Stainglass depicting food being handed over (Image from the Borlaug Symposium)
Oct 2016
SPRING joined a diverse gathering of nutrition and food security experts at the annual conference.
A panel at the Policies against Hunger XII Conference
Jul 2016
SPRING/Bangladesh shares its experience on Farmer Nutrition Schools in the Policies against Hunger XII Conference in Berlin, Germany
Asia regional MSN-GLEE signage
Jun 2016
Experts from across sectors meet in Bangkok to strengthen multi-sectoral coordination for nutrition
Seasonal calendar exercise during the nutrition-sensitive agriculture training
Jun 2016
Faculty and students of Guinea’s agricultural university, along with NGO partners, participated in a SPRING training on nutrition-sensitive agriculture concepts.
SPRING orients UNICEF Bangladesh to the agriculture to nutrition pathways
Feb 2016
At UNICEF Bangladesh’s request, SPRING helped facilitate a day-long workshop and orient them to the agriculture to nutrition pathways.