Girls talking as they work.
Jun 2018
Participants call on the international community to continue to raise awareness, encourage a coordinated and collective response, and prioritize specific actions that will generate the knowledge and...
SPRING community volunteers sing a song about the importance of mothers.
Jun 2018
On June 22, 2018, the USAID-funded SPRING project in the Kyrgyz Republic hosted an event in Bishkek to share important lessons and accomplishments of the project from 2014 to 2018. 
Group photo of the SPRING team at the event.
May 2018
SPRING staff traveled to Nusa Dua, Indonesia to present on SPRING’s work in nutrition social and behavior change and to build skills among practitioners at the 2018 International Social and Behavior...
Photo of a group of women.
Mar 2018
SPRING presented at the 1,000 Days Advocacy Working Group Meeting on six years of work highlighting gender equity for improved nutrition.
Cover image featuring the logo for the Consortium of Universities for Global Health
Mar 2018
This year, two SPRING videos received honorable mentions in the 2018 Pulitzer Global Health Video competition for the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) conference in New York.
Close up image of adolescent boys and girls smiling at the camera.
Mar 2018
The SPRING project worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop this guideline to help countries adopt and adapt evidence-informed interventions and improve adolescent nutrition...
Photo of men and women reaching out and cutting a blue ceremonial ribbon.
Mar 2018
SPRING's partnerships with local NGOs to promote UNICEF's IYCF Package, paired with evidence of its effectiveness, spurs government uptake beyond the life of the project
Image featuring icons accompanying the text: Planning and implementation of the C-IYCF Counselling Package, Skills and knowledge of health workers and community volunteers, maternal knowledge, attitudes and practices, and factors that enable or limit impact of the C-IYCF Counselling Package.
Feb 2018
On January 31st, 2018 SPRING staff and consultant, on behalf of the study team, shared the findings from the evaluation of the C-IYCF Counselling Package in Nigeria with partners at the UNICEF...
Photo of a group filming a community video.
Feb 2018
SPRING’s community video approach in the Sahel places third in award that recognizes unique and compelling projects that impact real lives.
A graphic representation of a woman cleaning a yard of animal feces, disposing of the feces responsibly, and washing her hands with a tippy tap.
Jan 2018
SPRING co-facilitated a session on implementation science with GAIN and the Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition at GWU’s Global Health MiniU in September 2017.
Chargé d'Affaires Alan Meltzer discusses SPRING’s community approach with project staff and volunteers before the household visit.
Dec 2017
Chargé d’Affaires Alan Meltzer observed SPRING activities in Jan-Bulak village where he joined a home visit with a community volunteer to discuss important nutrition topics with a young mother.
Photo: SPRING/Senegal’s  Agriculture/Markets Officer, Mamadou Ba, holds up a photo of one of the cereal processing units that SPRING helped install in communities.
Dec 2017
SPRING/Senegal organized two close-out ceremonies in Kaolack and in Dakar to showcase 18 months of implementation in the areas of nutrition-sensitive agriculture, SBCC, gender, and WASH.
Roundtable participants stand in a line and smile at the camera
Dec 2017
SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic hosted a round table event to disseminate findings from a series of four surveys, including gains in nutrition outcome indicators.
Mike Mazinga, a member of SPRING/Uganda staff, explains how SPRING played a role in encouraging production and consumption of fortified foods in Uganda.
Nov 2017
SPRING/Uganda staff shared the project’s achievements at a legacy event in Kampala.
A group of artists gathers around the trainer who is demonstrating how to trace an image.
Nov 2017
This workshop provided guidance on developing high-quality visuals for partner organizations in Guinea and Sierra Leone.
A man and woman stand in front of the camera. The woman looks ahead, the man looks and smiles at their baby in his arms
Oct 2017
The group visited one of SPRING’s partner radio stations, micro-gardens, and chicken coops, and observed a community video dissemination.
One man kneels and looks at the screen of a video camera. Two women and two men lean over his shoulder to also see the screen.
Sep 2017
SPRING shared its SPRING/Guinea Social and Behavior Change (SBC) approaches at the ICTforAg 2017 conference during a session entitled "Multi-Channel Communications in Hard-to-Reach Places."
SPRING SBCC Team Lead Peggy Koniz-Booher facilitates a discussion on Referral Systems/Pathways in a breakout session.
Jun 2017
SPRING hosted a joint meeting of the MIYCN-FP Integration and the FP-Immunization Integration Working Groups to discuss ways to further integrate service delivery.
Four women sit in a close group on benches outside. The woman at the center-front is holding a microphone up to the woman in the center-back.
Jun 2017
SPRING/Guinea trained staff from community radio stations on developing effective interactive radio programming supporting nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices.
A group of fathers sits in chairs under a tree while one man uses a flip chart of good health behaviors to conduct a training.
Jun 2017
Father-to-Father support groups encourage men to take an active role in the health and nutrition of their families.
Mariam Sy, SPRING/Senegal Nutrition Advisor, holds a microphone on stage in both hands and addresses the crowd gathered.
May 2017
SPRING/Senegal co-organized a social mobilization event in Dinguiraye to raise awareness on how environmental hygiene can prevent malaria.
One of the bands stands outside in a courtyard facing the crowd that wraps around them.
Apr 2017
SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic held concerts in townships of Jalalabad and Naryn oblasts to promote nutrition and WASH.
Ibrahima Ly, SPRING/Senegal social mobilization officer, explains SPRING’s multi-sectoral approach to visitors.
Apr 2017
SPRING/Senegal is participating in (FIARA) to promote a multi-sectoral approach to improving nutrition.
Focus groups meet to answer questions from SPRING and FRI
Mar 2017
SPRING/Guinea and FRI conducted an assessment to develop an interactive rural radio strategy that the SMARTE project can use to encourage nutrition-sensitive and specific practices.
Mar 2017
This International Women's Day, SPRING shows its appreciation for women around the world, honoring their achievements and recognizing the contributions they make to healthy families, communities, and...
Nora Madrigal (USAID), Aisha Zhorobekova (USAID), Il Hyong Won (Good Neighbors)
Feb 2017
SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic hosted an event for health officials in Bishkek to discuss nutrition-sensitive agriculture and launch a new reference book on long-term food storage and preservation.
Nathan Park, center, poses with SPRING volunteers and trainers after a session on methods of long term storage and preservation of nutritious foods at home.
Feb 2017
Deputy Mission Director Nathan Park visited SPRING activity sites in Kok-Jangak rayon, where he participated in a training on home-based storage of nutritious foods, and joined a home visit to...
SPRING/Senegal Gender Advisor Daba Ndione Beye interacts with training participants.
Jan 2017
SPRING/Senegal organized a workshop for representatives of partner networks to raise awareness on gender issues and promote men and women as partners in household decision-making for good nutrition...
Screenshot of Facebook page
Jan 2017
SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic launches a Facebook page to reach urban communities with key nutrition messages. 
U.S. Ambassador and USAID Mission Director Visit a SPRING/Bangladesh Farmer Nutrition School
Dec 2016
A senior U.S. government and USAID delegation visited a SPRING/Bangladesh Farmer Nutrition School (FNS) in December.