Mariam Sy, SPRING/Senegal Nutrition Advisor, holds a microphone on stage in both hands and addresses the crowd gathered.
May 2017
SPRING/Senegal co-organized a social mobilization event in Dinguiraye to raise awareness on how environmental hygiene can prevent malaria.
One of the bands stands outside in a courtyard facing the crowd that wraps around them.
Apr 2017
SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic held concerts in townships of Jalalabad and Naryn oblasts to promote nutrition and WASH.
U.S. Ambassador and USAID Mission Director Visit a SPRING/Bangladesh Farmer Nutrition School
Dec 2016
A senior U.S. government and USAID delegation visited a SPRING/Bangladesh Farmer Nutrition School (FNS) in December.
Tippy tap demonstration
Dec 2016
A local radio station attended a SPRING handwashing event in Thiokomaty village to capture messages for further radio promotion of good hygiene behaviors.
Farmers from Mother to Mother Support Group of the Gbeozua Community, Bawku West District, Upper East Region, share their joy at the result of adopting SPRING’s program that introduced vitamin A enriched maize for cultivation in order to improve the diet of the 1,000 day households.
Nov 2016
SPRING/Ghana hosted a visit from USAID/Ghana and USAID/ DC staff to program sites on November 1–2, 2016.
Students wash their hands at tippy taps
Nov 2016
In October 2016, SPRING/Bangladesh celebrated Global Handwashing Day with over 100 community activities.
Presenting on the 1,000 Day Window of Opportunity
Oct 2016
In partnership with the Ministry of Health’s Republican Center for Health Promotion, SPRING trained media representatives on how to better promote nutrition.
Dancing performance
Oct 2016
SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic and the Health Promotion Unit of Tash Kumyr town held an event on the importance of breastfeeding.
Sheema Khatun speaking at the rountable
Sep 2016
Sheema Khatun, a CNC from Bangladesh, spoke at a roundtable on the importance of breastfeeding, challenges she faced, and the vital role of CNCs.
Top of the poster presented at this event
Aug 2016
SPRING/Ghana’s WASH 1,000 approach was featured in a presentation and poster session at the annual WEDC conference.
Holding newborn baby
Aug 2016
SPRING/Bangladesh observed World Breastfeeding Week, organizing rallies, dramas, music performances, quiz competitions, and discussions across Khulna and Barisal divisions
U.S. Congressional Delegation Visits SPRING/Senegal
Aug 2016
Congressional staffers learn how partnerships are strengthening agriculture and improving nutrition.
Ambassador Gwaltney plays with SPRING volunteer’s baby boy (held by SPRING Chief of Party Michael Foley) after discussing the impact good nutrition information will make on their community and the next generation.
Jun 2016
US Ambassador Sheila Gwaltney visited SPRING/Kyrgyzstan program working to improve nutrition outcomes among women and children in Naryn Oblast.
Mali CLTS brochure
Mar 2016
SPRING held two community-led total sanitation celebrations in Mali, completing the CLTS process within five months.
Namutumba MNP launch participants
Mar 2016
The Ministry of Health, in conjunction with Namutumba District leadership and the SPRING project, host a launch event in Namutumba District.
Minister of Health Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye visits the SPRING exhibit
Feb 2016
International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) Africa, in collaboration with IBFAN Uganda and the Government of Uganda, hosted the IBFAN Africa Regional Conference 2016 in Kampala.
Young girls at market
Dec 2015
In post-Ebola Guinea, SPRING conducted a nutrition assessment to provide insights into nutrition status and inform a new workplan.
Group of people around a latrine
Nov 2015
Through its WASH activities, SPRING is building awareness of how nutrition and hygiene are connected
Photo of a woman gardening from the SPRING/Bangladesh Facebook page
Oct 2015
Visit to find out more and to ‘like’ the work SPRING is doing in Bangladesh.
Young boy washing his hands with a tippy tap
Sep 2015
SPRING/Bangladesh and Sisimpur produced a live action segment on tippy taps to teach young children proper hand hygiene.
Tippy Taps and Community Nutrition Champions to Play a Larger Role in Bangladesh
Aug 2015
The Revitalization of Community Health Care Initiatives in Bangladesh will expand the use of SPRING-introduced tippy taps and nutrition champions.
SPRING/Bangladesh staffs a booth at the agricultural fair
Mar 2015
SPRING/Bangladesh disseminated important information about ENA and EHA during the government-organized agriculture fair in Dumuria Upazila, Khulna Division, reaching hundreds of people within a short...
VIP USAID Delegation at the New FNS site in Chhota Bahirdia Purbopara in Fakirhat Upazila Bagerhat, Khulna - 28 October, 2014
Oct 2014
The Assistant Administrator for USAID/Asia and the USAID/Bangladesh Mission Director visited SPRING on October 28, 2014 as part of a short tour to Southern Bangladesh this week.
Filming best WASH practices
Dec 2013
SPRING and Digital Green announce public release of all 10 videos developed under their collaboration and feasibility study.
The Use of Participatory, Community-led Videos in India: Pushing New Buttons for Nutrition, Livelihoods, and Agriculture
Jul 2013
SPRING delegates will attend the IUNS 20th International Congress of Nutrition, one of the most prestigious international nutrition conferences.