Photo: SPRING/Senegal’s  Agriculture/Markets Officer, Mamadou Ba, holds up a photo of one of the cereal processing units that SPRING helped install in communities.
Dec 2017
SPRING/Senegal organized two close-out ceremonies in Kaolack and in Dakar to showcase 18 months of implementation in the areas of nutrition-sensitive agriculture, SBCC, gender, and WASH.
A man and woman stand in front of the camera. The woman looks ahead, the man looks and smiles at their baby in his arms
Oct 2017
The group visited one of SPRING’s partner radio stations, micro-gardens, and chicken coops, and observed a community video dissemination.
A trainee practices starting the motor of a cereal processor.
May 2017
SPRING/Senegal trained six partner networks in Senegal on the technical and business elements of operating processing machines.
Mariam Sy, SPRING/Senegal Nutrition Advisor, holds a microphone on stage in both hands and addresses the crowd gathered.
May 2017
SPRING/Senegal co-organized a social mobilization event in Dinguiraye to raise awareness on how environmental hygiene can prevent malaria.
Ibrahima Ly, SPRING/Senegal social mobilization officer, explains SPRING’s multi-sectoral approach to visitors.
Apr 2017
SPRING/Senegal is participating in (FIARA) to promote a multi-sectoral approach to improving nutrition.
Feb 2017
SPRING/Senegal organized a two-day workshop on improved village-level poultry rearing for members of its agricultural partner networks.
SPRING/Senegal Gender Advisor Daba Ndione Beye interacts with training participants.
Jan 2017
SPRING/Senegal organized a workshop for representatives of partner networks to raise awareness on gender issues and promote men and women as partners in household decision-making for good nutrition...
Tippy tap demonstration
Dec 2016
A local radio station attended a SPRING handwashing event in Thiokomaty village to capture messages for further radio promotion of good hygiene behaviors.
U.S. Congressional Delegation Visits SPRING/Senegal
Aug 2016
Congressional staffers learn how partnerships are strengthening agriculture and improving nutrition.
MSN-GLEE banner
Jan 2016
Multi-Sectoral Global Learning and Evidence Exchange, West Africa shares research and experience in multi-sectoral nutrition programming.
Sambo's 4-year old daughter collects nutritious beans
Jun 2013
Outside of Ourossogui, Senegal, Sambo’s 4-year old daughter walks toward him, crossing a field planted with a wide variety of nutritious crops.
SPRING Partners with Peace Corps to Provide Nutrition Training in West Africa
Apr 2013
SPRING is collaborating with the United States Peace Corps’ Office of Program and Training Support, the West Africa Food Security Partnership (WAFSP).