SPRING's table at the Safollo Gatha

SPRING/Bangladesh Participates in the Second Annual Safollo Gatha

The second annual Safollo Gatha, an event organized to celebrate the best practices of social and behavior change communication (SBCC) in health, population, and nutrition programs, was held on Thursday, March 27 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Working Group hosted the event, which brought together eleven different partners under one roof to create a knowledge-sharing platform. The BCC Working Group is supported by the Bangladesh Knowledge Management Initiative (BKMI)–a USAID-funded project implemented by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs and Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP).

SPRING presented its Farmer Nutrition School (FNS) as a best practice this year. In addition to a formal presentation, SPRING/Bangladesh staff performed a 5-minute role-play during the event to showcase the spillover effects of SPRING’s work and to show the importance of peer-to-peer counseling and the influence of small innovations. The role-play demonstrated how a non-FNS woman came to know about the hajol–an improved hatching pot promoted by SPRING–from her relative, who happened to be a member of the SPRING FNS. She then quickly adopted the practice to help increase the hatching rate of her hens and was therefore able to ensure more eggs for consumption for her family. The results of a detailed study conducted on SPRING/Bangladesh’s FNS work were shared to support SPRING’s work and will be published soon.

SPRING/Bangladesh had presented its work on tippy taps in the Safollo Gatha event last year, and was delighted to see that other projects had adopted that practice into their own work.