A group of saplings

SPRING/Mali Distributes Tree Saplings to FNS Beneficiaries

In February 2016, SPRING/Mali distributed 11,000 moringa, 2,750 papaya, and 2,750 baobab tree saplings to Farmer Nutrition Schools (FNS) beneficiaries. Each FNS beneficiary received two moringa saplings, and one papaya or baobab sampling. The saplings were acquired from local vendors and FNS leaders worked to distribute the saplings across 100 villages. Villagers committed to helping each other to maintain the saplings during the upcoming dry season, putting their newly acquired FNS skills to work.

SPRING/Mali supported increased production of nutrient-dense vegetable and tree crops, and aimed to increase the availability and access to quality seed, primarily through Farmer Nutrition Schools. FNS promoted “learning by doing” through nutrition-sensitive integrated agricultural practices and behaviors. SPRING’s FNS training reached a total of 5,500 beneficiaries by February 2016.

The final FNS training module was devoted to planting and maintenance of tree saplings, including the use of moringa, baobab, and papaya. Moringa tree leaves, baobab tree leaves, papaya tree fruit are rich in iron and vitamin A and help address the micronutrient deficiencies that contribute to malnutrition in children and pregnant or lactating women.