USAID Multisectoral Nutrition Strategy

USAID Releases its Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy 2014-2025

On May 22, 2014, USAID released the 2014-2025 Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy, a defining moment for the global nutrition community. Recognizing an urgent need to address the direct and underlying causes of malnutrition, USAID developed this strategy with a goal to reduce malnutrition (measured by stunting) by 20 percent. This first-ever coordinated effort from USAID brings together Feed the Future and Global Health initiatives, the Office of Food for Peace development programs, resilience efforts, and other nutrition investments and is aligned with the 2025 World Health Assembly Nutrition Targets. The release of the 2014-2025 Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy marks a significant step forward for USAID’s commitment to global nutrition and positions USAID "as a major international partner in the fight against malnutrition." As a USAID-funded project, SPRING is proud to be an implementing partner and looks forward to supporting the new strategy.