Empowering Women in Agriculture: Strengthening Production and Dietary Diversity to Improve Nutrition

Event Dates: 
April 30, 2014
Event Location: 
Women harvesting gourds

SPRING, TOPS, and USAID hosted the second of a three-part webinar series, Women's Empowerment and Men's Engagement: How a Focus on Gender Can Support Agriculture and Nutrition. Hazel Malapit, a Research Coordinator in IFPRI's Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division, discussed her recent paper Women's Empowerment in Agriculture, Production Diversity, and Nutrition, highlighting household survey data from Nepal. The presentation provided updated analysis from the paper and focused on the relationship between women's empowerment in agricultural-focused activities and improved nutrition outcomes for mothers and children.

Karin Lapping, Senior Director of Nutrition at Save the Children, responded to the findings as they relate to her in-depth understanding of the nutrition landscape in Nepal. This included an overview of Suaahara, the project that the data was collected within, to provide context on what the project has done and is doing to impact gender issues.

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View the Webinar Summary, Shared Resources, and Responses to Unanswered Questions (PDF, 327 KB)