Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy Global Learning and Evidence Exchange, West Africa - Accra, Ghana

Event Dates: 
January 19, 2016 to January 21, 2016
Event Location: 
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In January 2016, SPRING, along with USAID's Bureau for Food Security and Bureau for Global Health, hosted the West Africa MSN-GLEE (Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy Global Learning & Evidence Exchange) workshop in Accra, Ghana. Staff from the USAID Bureau for Food Security, Bureau for Global Health, USAID Missions in West Africa, implementing partners, and host country governments shared their experiences and research, enabling widespread engagement across the countries and improving understanding of emerging concepts.

Experts in agriculture, economic growth, WASH, nutrition, and health programs gave presentations and led interactive sessions on a range of topics designed to strengthen country-led efforts to improve nutrition. USAID’s Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy and accompanying technical guidance briefs formed the basis for an exciting agenda comprised of 23 sessions designed to help participants identify places where multi-sectoral nutrition programming approach can be strengthened.

Meeting Agenda (PDF, 300 KB)

MSN-GLEE West Africa Attendees Photo (JPG, 3.32 MB)

Disclaimer: The contents of the presentations are the responsibility of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.


The State of the Region – Setting the Stage for Multi-sectoral Nutrition Programming
The State of the Region – Setting the Stage for Multi-sectoral Nutrition Programming (PDF, 1.84 MB)
Isatou Jallow, Senior Nutrition and Partnership Advisor, NEPAD
MSN Conceptual Framework and Results Framework
Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy 2014-2025 (PDF, 1.97 MB)
Kellie Stewart, Nutrition Team Lead, USAID, Bureau for Global Health
Sally Abbott, Nutrition Advisor, USAID, Bureau for Food Security
Melanie Thurber, Nutrition Advisor, USAID, Food for Peace

Linking Science and Programming: Evidence Updates and How this Translates into Programs -- Six Concurrent Sessions

Anemia: Food, Genes, Mosquitoes, and Worms
Anemia (PDF, 2.24 MB )
Jeopardy Anemia (PDF, 316 KB)
Lead Presenter: Denish Moorthy, Technical Advisor, Micronutrients, SPRING
An Overview of Mycotoxins in the Food Production Chain and the Impact on Nutrition and Health
Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Peanut Productivity and Mycotoxin Control: Ghana PMIL Value Chain (PDF, 3.89 MB)
Aflatoxin Impacts on Child Growth (PDF, 1.26 MB)
Aflatoxin Infographic (JPG, 920 KB)
Mycotoxin Graphic (JPG, 88 KB)
Aflatoxin Poster (JPG, 2.88 MB
Lead Presenter: William Appaw, Food Analyst/Agricultural Scientist, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
Update on Dietary Diversity
Dietary Diversity (PDF, 3.89 MB)Lead Presenter: Sandra Remancus, Project Director, Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance III Project (FANTA), FHI360
Quantitative and Formative Nutrition Research to Inform How Multi-sectoral Nutrition Programs Can Contribute to Increased Dietary Diversity (PDF, 740 KB)Presenter: Abdul-Razak Abizari, University for Development Studies
Margaret Armar-Klemesu, University of Ghana
SBCC To Improve Dietary Diversity (PDF, 2.53 MB)Presenter: Peggy Kooniz-Booher, Senior Advisor, Nutrition SBCC/SPRING
Cash Transfers and the Outcomes for Nutrition
Cash Transfers and Child Nutrition: What We Know and What We Need To Know (PDF, 604 KB)Lead Presenter: Peter Luigi Ragno, Social Economist, Social Protection and Livelihoods, UNICEF
Fortification: Reducing the Incidence of Nutrient Deficiencies
How to Design and Implement Food Fortification? (PDF, 784 KB)
Why and When is Food Fortification Useful? (PDF, 976 KB)
Micronutrients and Food Fortification Worksheet (PDF, 192 KB)
Fortification Sample Session Outline (PDF, 196 KB
Lead Presenter: Omar Dary, Health Science Specialist (Nutrition), USAID, Bureau for Global Health
Nutrition of Adolescent Women and Girls
Adolescent Girls and Women’s Nutrition: Moving the Agenda Forward (PDF, 3.03 MB)Lead Presenter: Sascha Lamstein, Technical Advisor, SPRING
Nutrition-specific Actions: What Works and Why? Reaching Everyone with High-impact Interventions
Nutrition-Specific Actions (PDF, 2.92 MB)Fred Grant, Regional Nutrition Advisor, Helen Keller International
Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture: What Works and Why? Evidence Update
Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture: What Works and Why (PDF, 1.76 MB)
The “Alafei Wulijo” Revolution is Beginning in Northern Ghana (PDF, 4.44 MB)
Victor Pinga, Agriculture Advisor, SPRING
Carrie Melgarejo, Nutrition Advisor, SPRING
Focus on Social and Behavior Change Communication: The Latest Behavior Change Models for Community and Individual Levels
Focusing On At-Scale Nutrition SBCC: Latest Thinking and Relevant Experiences (PDF, 7.78 MB)
Strategic Agenda for At-Scale SBCC
(MPEG-4 Video, 8.90 MB)
Peggy Koniz-Booher, Social and Behavior Change Team Leader, SPRING
Sascha Lamstein, Technical Advisor, SPRING
Focus First 1,000 Day Households in Northern and Upper East Ghana (PDF, 3.37 MB) Ram Shrestha, Technical Lead, SPRING/Ghana
Strategie de Communication Pour Le Changement Social et ee Comportement (PDF, 832 KB) Aïta Sarr Cisse, Health Nutrition and WASH Manager
SBCC through Community Infant and Young Child Feeding Programme (C-IYCF) in Nigeria (PDF, 1.62 MB) Chris Osa Isokpunwu, Head of Nutrition, Federal Ministry of Health Abuja
WASH Interventions for Nutrition: Evidence Update
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Interventions for Improved Nutrition: Maximizing Impact (PDF, 1.40 MB)
Improving Nutrition Outcomes with Better Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
(PDF, 2.40 MB)
WASH and Nutrition Five Key Factors
(PDF, 128 KB)
Catalogue of Affordable Latrine Options (PDF, 700 KB)
Information on Improved Latrine Options (PDF, 7.45 MB)
Masons Training Manual for Latrines (PDF, 2.67 MB)
WaterAid Madagascar: Livret des Options de Latrines (PDF, 9.12 MB)
Rochelle Rainey, Environmental Health Technical Advisor, USAID, Bureau for Global Health
Measurement and the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy
Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy Monitoring and Indicators (PDF, 1.84 MB) Sally Abbott, Nutrition Advisor, USAID, Bureau for Food Security
Melanie Thurber, Nutrition Advisor, USAID, Food for Peace
Tension Points and Convergences: Finding Solutions for Challenges to Designing and Implementing Integrated Programming
Tension Points and Convergences Finding Solutions for Challenges to Designing and Implementing Integrated Programming (PDF, 832 KB) Carolyn Hart, Director, SPRING
Sally Abbott, Nutrition Advisor, USAID, Bureau for Food Security
Influencing the Nutrition Agenda
Influencing the Nutrition Agenda: Session Introduction (PDF, 384 KB) Moderator: Carolyn Hart, Director, SPRING
USAID/West Africa (PDF, 1.09 MB) Elizabeth Brown, Director, USAID West Africa Regional Agriculture Office
Food Fortification Legislation in West Africa (PDF, 768 KB) Fred Grant, Regional Nutrition Coordinator, HKI
Pathways to Better Nutrition: What Does It Take For Nutrition Policy to Succeed? (PDF, 1.65 MB) Sascha Lamstein, Technical Advisor, SPRING
Leadership — Focus on Civil Society
SUN CSN Infographic (JPG, 480 KB)
Speaking Up for Nutrition: The Role of Civil Society (PDF, 1.26 MB)
Moderator: Gwyneth Cotes, Director, Global Initiatives, SPRING
Leadership for Nutrition: Focus on Civil Society (PDF, 1.12 MB) Houleymata Diarra, Chief of Party, ASSIST Project, Mali
Sierra Leone Civil Society Engagement in Nutrition (PDF, 1.56 MB) Edward Jusu, Sierra Leone Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition