Agriculture2Nutrition Community Calls

SPRING is partnering with the Ag2Nut Community of Practice to support monthly community calls that bring over 900 individuals from across the international donor, government, NGO, and academic communities together to discuss current issues related to agriculture-nutrition integration.

Series Content

Orange-fleshed sweet potato
Slide from November Ag2Nut call presentation
Ag2Nut sub-group meeting participants
Role of Nutrition in the SDGs cover slide with title
Women's Empowerment Mitigates the Negative Effects of Low Production Diversity on Maternal and Child Nutrition in Nepal
An overview of the INGENAES project (Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agriculture Extension Systems)
Soil  An essential ingredient to  healthy food and nutrition
First slide of the Overview of the Special Section presentation
Ag2Nut Community Call: Livestock and Food Security: Does it Matter how Food is Produced?
First slide of webinar powerpoint
Title slide from presentation
Harvesting Nutrition Celebration Banner
Second International Conference on Nutrition
World Food Center Presentation Diagram
Working in the field
USAID multisectoral nutrition strategy cover
Child being fed
Food and Nutrition Security Diagram
CAADP Nutrition Workshop Process
Ag2Nut Community Call: Introducing the Food Security Information Network
Ag2Nut Community Call: Addressing Malnutrition Multisectorally