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Photo to Illustration Tutorial intro slide
Videos | Aug 2017
A group works together to practice proper breastfeeding techniques.
Galleries | Jun 2017
All of the workshop participants display their completion certificates.
Galleries | Jun 2017
Actors animatedly play their roles in the sketch by raising their arms and with pained expressions on their faces.
Galleries | May 2017
Videographers film a woman and her child
Videos | Apr 2017
Videographers film a woman and her child
Videos | Apr 2017
Hassya and her son eating
Videos | Apr 2017
Hassaya and her child wash their hands
Videos | Apr 2017
Screenshot of the first page of the infographic
Infographics | Mar 2017
Woman leading a Farmer Nutrition School in Bangladesh
Videos | Feb 2017
Two community members being filmed eating a delicious meal containing orange-fleshed sweet potato.
Galleries | Jan 2017
Grandmothers participating in a focus group sort cards of local foods into piles that indicate each food’s affordability locally.
Galleries | Dec 2016
Scene from video where students raise their hands to pledge to build handwashing stations at home
Videos | Nov 2016
Former Minister and Current Member of Parliament Dr. Mojammel Hossain using a tippy tap
Galleries | Nov 2016
Presenting ideas at the training
Galleries | Oct 2016
Holding newborn baby
Galleries | Aug 2016
King and his elders
Videos | Jun 2016
The string also connects to a foot controlled stick on the ground, which allows the jug to tip over to release a stream of water.
Galleries | Jun 2016
Mr. Adams George Ango (Kajuru LGA Nutrition Focal Person), Sascha Lamstein (SPRING Co-Principal Investigator), a C-IYCF Community Volunteer for Idon ward, Dr. Florence Oni (UNICEF/Kaduna Nutrition Specialist), and Rafael Perez-Escamilla (SPRING consultant, Principal Investigator).
Galleries | May 2016
One-on-one counseling session, coaches-level training, Jos, Plateau state. 2015
Galleries | Apr 2016
Screen capture of woman washing hands
Videos | Oct 2015
Screen capture of Strategic Agenda for At-Scale SBCC video
Videos | Apr 2015
Screen capture of Designing the Future of Nutrition SBCC: How to Achieve Impact at Scale video
Videos | Apr 2015
women watching instructional video
Videos | Nov 2014
woman demonstrating handwashing
Videos | Jun 2013