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Photo of a group of women and men gathering to look at a flyer on handwashing.
Videos | Jan 2018
Ziba Dokurugu, SPRING Agriculture Advisor, explaining our aflatoxin management work with Farmer Field Schools to visitors at the agriculture table at the event
Galleries | Oct 2017
Discussing district data at the DATA training of trainers
Videos | Oct 2017
First page of the infographic - see PDF for contents
Infographics | Sep 2017
School pupils reciting a poem on the effects of malnutrition on children.
Galleries | Sep 2017
A woman and boy kneel over a tarp spread with groundnuts and pick the bad nuts from the good.
Videos | Jul 2017
A woman's hands and legs as she sits and shells groundnuts. There is a pile of groundnuts next to her.
Videos | Jul 2017
Groundnut shellers in the country office ready to be delivered to the districts.
Galleries | Mar 2017
A farmer holding groundnuts
Audio Clips | Feb 2017
A health worker explains the growth curve of the child to a mother during an outreach service visit.
Audio Clips | Feb 2017
Ghana Country Achievements, Project Year 5
Infographics | Dec 2016
Local video: How to Make Enriched Mash Yam for Children 6-8 Months (recipe)
Videos | Aug 2016
Local Video: Attachment
Videos | Aug 2016
Local Video: How to Make Enriched Porridge for Children 6-8 Months (recipe)
Videos | Aug 2016
Screen capture of title plate from the video
Videos | Aug 2016
King and his elders
Videos | Jun 2016
Ghana Country Achievements, Project Year 5, October 2015 to March 2016
Infographics | May 2016
SPRING Staff Pledge for Gender Parity on International Women's Day 2016
Galleries | Mar 2016
SPRING 2015 Overview - Ghana
Infographics | Jan 2016