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A couple talks to a visitor about growing Indian spinach. The couple explains that their Indian spinach sells quickly in the market. Consumers know how the spinach is grown and that the plant is nutritious. Photo credit: Sarah Hogan, 2017
Galleries | Jan 2018
The video development team watches as a neighbor explains benefits of poultry raising for the family, “Small scale poultry farming at home can be beneficial for you and it can meet your short term financial needs.” Photo credit: Sarah Hogan, 2017
Galleries | Jan 2018
Photo of a group of women and men gathering to look at a flyer on handwashing.
Videos | Jan 2018
Grandmothers participating in a focus group sort cards of local foods into piles that indicate each food’s affordability locally.
Galleries | Dec 2016
Victor Pinga, SPRING Agriculture Advisor, facilitates a session on context-specific nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions.
Galleries | Sep 2016
Basanti walking
Videos | Nov 2014
women watching instructional video
Videos | Nov 2014
Participants watching videos screened by SPRING and Digital Green
Galleries | Jun 2014
A woman edits videos on a laptop
Galleries | Dec 2013
men with produce
Videos | Oct 2013
women with young children
Videos | Oct 2013
mother breastfeeding
Videos | Sep 2013
pregnant woman displaying an appropriate meal for pregnant women
Videos | Aug 2013
woman feeding young child
Videos | Jul 2013
Screenshot of the community video
Videos | Jul 2013
woman training other women about IFA tablets
Videos | Jul 2013
women talking
Videos | Jul 2013
woman teaching other women about the first 1000 days
Videos | Jun 2013
woman demonstrating handwashing
Videos | Jun 2013