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Photo of a woman smiling and holding up a piece of paper in front of a group.
Galleries | Jun 2018
Photo of a group of women and men gathering to look at a flyer on handwashing.
Videos | Jan 2018
Photo: SPRING/Senegal nutrition advisor, Mariam Sy, speaks to guests about SPRING’s accomplishments in nutrition, gender and hygiene at one of the stands set up to showcase project achievements.
Galleries | Dec 2017
Members of one of SPRING’s partner women’s groups pose for a photo outside of their community garden.
Galleries | Oct 2017
Page 1 of the infographic, download PDF for full text
Infographics | Oct 2017
Dynaset-setal members speak during a village gathering to remind community members of key hygiene messages.
Galleries | Aug 2017
Four women and a man sit together around a tray of orange-fleshed sweet potato. One woman is telling the man about the benefits of eating the sweet potato.
Videos | Aug 2017
A father grins at his infant. He holds the baby in his lap and supports its neck.
Videos | Aug 2017
SPRING/Senegal SBCC Advisor Albert Boubane, standing in the bed of a truck, distributes water to participants before the hike.
Galleries | Aug 2017
Drawing of woman surrounded with all of her responsibilities.
Infographics | Aug 2017
Two women stand in a field of crops. They are raising up a bowl of freshly picked vegetables together.
Videos | Jul 2017
SPRING/Senegal staff and video hub members.
Galleries | Jul 2017
Two sets of hands place cut pieces of okra onto a shelf that is going into a drying rack.
Videos | Jun 2017
A woman, dressed in orange, checks on her chicken coops.
Videos | Jun 2017
Two women in bright dress talk and walk through one of the women's garden. It is green and lush and the plants stand taller than the women.
Videos | Jun 2017
A woman's hand with a gold bracelet on the wrist, holds a handful of maize over a large sack filled with maize.
Videos | Jun 2017
A chalk drawing on a wall of a mother breastfeeding her infant and pushing away someone's hand holding a bottle of milk.
Videos | Jun 2017
A man looks questioningly at a dish of sweet potato that his wife has made.
Videos | Jun 2017
Three older women watch as a school-aged girl shows them how to use a tippy tap.
Videos | Jun 2017
A man and his young son bend over a bowl to wash their hands. The father is teaching the son how.
Videos | Jun 2017
Participants and trainers pose for a group photo.
Galleries | May 2017
Actors animatedly play their roles in the sketch by raising their arms and with pained expressions on their faces.
Galleries | May 2017
SPRING/Senegal partner, FEPROMAS, displays grains of highly nutritious Obatampa maize.
Galleries | Apr 2017
Thiane Dramé
Audio Clips | Mar 2017
Community Video: Alimentation Complémentaire
Videos | Mar 2017
Girl reading into the microphone
Audio Clips | Mar 2017
Chickens feeding in their coop.
Galleries | Feb 2017
Two community members being filmed eating a delicious meal containing orange-fleshed sweet potato.
Galleries | Jan 2017
Participants listen attentively as facilitators elaborate on the importance of women’s empowerment as it relates to nutrition.
Galleries | Jan 2017
Senegal Country Achievements, Project Year 5
Infographics | Dec 2016
The SPRING/Senegal team poses in front of Radio Niombata in Toubakouta.
Galleries | May 2016
Groups worked diligently to identify micronutrients and macronutrients within local foods.
Galleries | Apr 2016