SPRING/Mali In Review

SPRING’s work in Mali aimed to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable women and children. The project promoted the growth and consumption of nutritious and diverse diets through community gardens convened by Farmer Field Schools, which combined training in nutrition-sensitive agricultural practices and the promotion of nutrition-specific behaviors. SPRING trained 5,500 famers and distributed 11,000 moringa, baobob, and papaya saplings. We promoted the Ministry of Health-approved Essential Nutrition Actions and combined these with the Essential Hygiene Actions to improve the quality delivery of nutrition-specific interventions within health services, training 375 facility-based staff and supporting 200 ENA/EHA support groups. In the area of WASH, we triggered 26 villages in Community-Lead Total Sanitation, achieving achieving the status of open defication free in 20 of them. Finally, SPRING helped establish 4,868 tippy taps in the project’s 100 target villages, with many families creating tippy taps both near the latrine and near the kitchen to promote handwashing at all appropriate times.