Designing the Future of Nutrition SBCC: How to Achieve Impact at Scale Video


Social and behavior change communication (SBCC) is a crucial element of any nutrition intervention. There have been many successful nutrition behavior change projects around the world, but most are not implemented at large scale, and sustainability or cost-effectiveness of the interventions are not known. Throughout 2014, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and SPRING reviewed the evidence and consulted global thought leaders to identify priorities for nutrition behavior change. Working at scale to maximize nutrition impact emerged as an urgent priority.                  

This video was produced in conjunction with the event, Designing the Future of Nutrition Social and Behavior Change Communication: How to Achieve Impact at Scale, which brought a broad range of experts together to shape a strategic agenda for getting to scale. It provides an overview of the event and its rationale and provides short clips featuring some of the eight “Great SBCC Examples,” which were used to jump-start discussion.