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Photo of an older woman holding holding a baby to be spoon-fed by a younger woman.
Reports | September 2018
Photo of a group of women holding up SPRING nutrition counseling materials.
Success Stories | September 2018
SPRING-trained mediators
Reports | August 2018
Photo of three men and two women working on making a video
Reports | August 2018
Photo of a man and woman posing outside with their infant child
Reports | August 2018
Cover photo: A mother and father with their child, sitting outside on a bench consulting with a health worker. Photo: Abdoul Khalighi Diallo for SPRING.
Reports | July 2018
Photo of a group of smiling women wearing SPRING projects shirts.
Reports | July 2018
Photo of a mother and her child looking over materials and receiving counseling from two health professionals
Briefs | July 2018
Cover photo: a young mother holding her smiling child in a clinic
Reports | June 2018
Photo of a group of adolescents smiling and huddling together to pose.
Briefs | June 2018
Photo of a mother carrying her child on her back.
Briefs | June 2018
Cover illustration: a woman giving a slide show/power point demonstration to a group of mothers and fathers with their children
Training Materials | May 2018
Photo of a group of women meeting
Job Aids and Tools | May 2018
Image of the poster - see PDF for details
Posters | May 2018
Photo of a woman posing in front of a SPRING banner. Caption: "Firuza poses with a SPRING banner at a training for volunteer coordinators."
Success Stories | May 2018
Photo of three women looking at the toolkit materials.
Training Materials | April 2018
Photo of a mother holding her child wrapped in a blanket on her back.
Reports | April 2018
Photo of a child washing her hands with a tippy tap as several other children look on. Caption: "Children in the village of Touba Mourid have fun practicing proper hygiene by washing their hands at a special handwashing station or tippy tap."
Success Stories | March 2018
Cover image featuring row of illustrated girls and page title.
Reports | March 2018
Cover image featuring a film crew making a community video.
Reports | March 2018
Photo of a gathering of women sitting in a circle with counseling materials sitting on the grass in the foreground
Reports | February 2018
Front cover [title] Photo-to-Illustration Guide A Resource for the Development of Health Communication Visual Materials [cover illustration] Foreground: a collage of nine illustrations of mothers with their children or by themselves. "USAID." SPRING logo”
Job Aids and Tools | February 2018
Photograph of a group of women in India using instructional cards
Reports | February 2018
Page 1 [figure] Coat of arms for Sierra Leone [photos, in center and in upper right] Two different kinds of pumpkin [title] Best Agronomic Practices for Pumpkin [logos] USAID logo: "USAID: United States Agency [for] International Development. USAID. From the American People" SPRING logo: “SPRING. Strengthening Partnerships, Results, and Innovations in Nutrition Globally”
Job Aids and Tools | January 2018
Photo of about a dozen women with their children and several facilitators sitting outside in chairs for a mother-to-mother support group meeting in Ghana
Training Materials | January 2018
Photo of three women smiling as they work a pump to fill a tub with water, a white bull stands to the left.
Briefs | January 2018
Cover photo: a woman holding her child sits on a bench talking with a man holding a pen and paper.
Reports | January 2018
Cover photo: a mother in Sierra Leone bending down, carrying her infant child on her back as she uses a tippy-tap to wash her hands
Reports | January 2018
Cover photo: a group of several mothers and their children gathered outside by a tree. Photo by Souleymane Ouattara, Jade Video Production.
Reports | January 2018
A man sits at a desk in a radio station. He is broadcasting.
Briefs | December 2017
Front page of document. Strip of artist renderings of adolescent women from different countries across top. Title of document below.
Reports | December 2017
Photograph of several women and men looking at notes posted on a large bulletin board and having a discussion. Caption: "CHAIN partners reflect on joint activities they developed during a November 2016 workshop."
Success Stories | December 2017