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Job Aids and Tools | April 2017
Woman and man in field
Training Materials | April 2017
A woman smiles at the camera while holding her baby.
Reports | April 2017
Saidi Abdullai and her 10-month old baby, Basharia. Saidi is a member of the Rahama mother-to-mother support group in Ningi village in Bauchi, Nigeria.
Reports | March 2017
Карточки Консультирования Программа Питание Детей Грудного И Раннего Возраста
Job Aids and Tools | February 2017
Illustration of a boy growing up
Training Materials | December 2016
Two people standing by a fish pool
Briefs | December 2016
Barriers and Enablers to the Consumption of Pumpkin and Fish in Tonkolili, Sierra Leone
Posters | December 2016
Developing Effective Messages for Better Nutrition and Hygiene in Tonkolili: The TIPs Method
Posters | December 2016
Opportunities for Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains in Tonkolili, Sierra Leone
Posters | December 2016
Engaging Entrepreneurs in Developing Community Videos for Nutrition
Posters | December 2016
The evaluators discussing the package
Series | December 2016
Young girls listen to an interview with a newly married woman who regularly attends CIYCF support group meetings.
Reports | December 2016
Screen capture of the report's cover page
Reports | December 2016
Bege Support Group members discuss optimal infant and young child feeding with community leader Mai Unguwar.
Success Stories | December 2016
Aminci Support Group members contribute money to a common pool of funds that can be used to increase the diversity of foods eaten by their families.
Success Stories | December 2016
Close-up photo of a woman working in a rice and grain mill
Briefs | November 2016
Photo of a woman holding IYCF cards
Briefs | November 2016
Photo of an infant on a woman's shoulder
Briefs | November 2016
Photo of several women seated and holding an illustrated diagram.
Reports | November 2016
Photo of three people wading into a creek.
Reports | November 2016
Photo of women seated outside looking at illustrated diagrams
Reports | November 2016
Women attend a C-IYCF support group meeting in Nigeria. Sascha Lamstein, SPRING.
Reports | November 2016
Modified screenshot of the PDF
Journal Articles | October 2016
Household leaders meet together
Training Materials | September 2016
Cookbook cover page
Job Aids and Tools | September 2016
Woman spoon feeding a baby.
Reports | September 2016
Mahmud Hambali from Digital Green shows the process of storyboarding (with Save the Children SBCC advisor, Aboubacar Sale)
Reports | September 2016
Group of women sitting outside
Reports | September 2016
Children standing in a line on the sand
Reports | September 2016
Photo of a kid holding a soccer ball
Reports | July 2016
Integrated Nutrition and Agriculture Needs Assessment for Sierra Leone
Reports | December 2015