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SPRING-trained mediators
Reports | August 2018
Cover photo: A mother and father with their child, sitting outside on a bench consulting with a health worker. Photo: Abdoul Khalighi Diallo for SPRING.
Reports | July 2018
Cover illustration: a woman giving a slide show/power point demonstration to a group of mothers and fathers with their children
Training Materials | May 2018
Cover photo: a mother in Sierra Leone bending down, carrying her infant child on her back as she uses a tippy-tap to wash her hands
Reports | January 2018
Man and child sit on a mat in Niger
Reports | May 2017
A man stands outside a round latrine structure with a thatched roof.
Success Stories | May 2017
Participatory Community-Led Video Approach Catalyzes Social and Behavior Change for Nutrition
Posters | May 2017
Thiane Dramé waters the garden SPRING helped her to diversify.
Success Stories | March 2017
Officer Faridul Islam washes his hands with a tippy tap.
Success Stories | March 2017
FNS Flash Card
Job Aids and Tools | March 2017
Карточки Консультирования Программа Питание Детей Грудного И Раннего Возраста
Job Aids and Tools | February 2017
Мы придерживаемся принципов доброжелательного отношения к матери
Job Aids and Tools | January 2017
Photo of a woman holding a newborn with a midwife advising
Success Stories | January 2017
Women holds a net with a fish
Training Materials | December 2016
Photo of three people cooking in pots
Training Materials | December 2016
Two people standing by a fish pool
Briefs | December 2016
The evaluators discussing the package
Series | December 2016
Young girls listen to an interview with a newly married woman who regularly attends CIYCF support group meetings.
Reports | December 2016
Screen capture of the report's cover page
Reports | December 2016
Aminci Support Group members contribute money to a common pool of funds that can be used to increase the diversity of foods eaten by their families.
Success Stories | December 2016
Close-up photo of a woman working in a rice and grain mill
Briefs | November 2016
Photo of a woman holding IYCF cards
Briefs | November 2016
Photo of an infant on a woman's shoulder
Briefs | November 2016
Photo of several women seated and holding an illustrated diagram.
Reports | November 2016
Photo of three people wading into a creek.
Reports | November 2016
Photo of women seated outside looking at illustrated diagrams
Reports | November 2016
Photo of Ms. Kush seated at a desk
Success Stories | November 2016
Photo of Miss Bantaabu, a community health worker, meets with Madam Kusumi Gipi (right) during a counseling session about breastfeeding.
Success Stories | October 2016
Union Facilitator Oloka Biswas speaks to a farmer nutrition school graduate and her family members.
Success Stories | October 2016
Community activist Nazira Subankulova with the fresh produce she sells. After SPRING’s nutrition trainings, it is now in high demand.
Success Stories | October 2016
Household leaders meet together
Training Materials | September 2016
Faustina Kiisi, a community health nurse at Tolon Health Center, reaches out to her colleagues on WhatsApp.
Success Stories | September 2016