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Photo of toddler boy holding a cup and looking into the camera as his parents watch in the background
Briefs | July 2018
Photo of a mother holding her child wrapped in a blanket on her back.
Reports | April 2018
Group photo of a mother-to-mother support group: a large group of women and men sit in plastic chairs in a circle.
Briefs | March 2018
Photo of a counseling group meting in a circle under a large tree.
Briefs | February 2018
Photo of about a dozen women with their children and several facilitators sitting outside in chairs for a mother-to-mother support group meeting in Ghana
Training Materials | January 2018
Photo of a woman, Sanatu Fuseini, displaying her VSLA passbook at a meeting with a large group of other women.
Success Stories | November 2017
Photo of a man, Tengdo Kuzoba, standing by his latrine and tippy tap.
Success Stories | November 2017
Photo of three women working on curriculum material together.
Job Aids and Tools | November 2017
Photo of a smiling baby being held in a woman's arms.
Job Aids and Tools | November 2017
Photo of a group of fathers working through the support group material.
Job Aids and Tools | November 2017
Photo of a woman demonstrating hwo to properly use a tippy tap. Caption: Tippy tap demonstrations in Dinyogu Community and Primary School - in Gushiegu District.
Briefs | September 2017
Photo of a  woman and child sorting and drying groundnuts.
Briefs | September 2017
Photo of a mother smiling as she carries her baby on her back.
Briefs | September 2017
A young girl washes her hands at a tippy tap.
Briefs | September 2017
Training in the use of the HemoCue device to measure anemia
Briefs | September 2017
A group of farmers, all in a line, prepares a field for groundnuts.
Training Materials | September 2017
A farmer's hand holding a bunch of just-pulled groundnuts.
Job Aids and Tools | July 2017
Four women pose holding bunches of groundnut plants.
Job Aids and Tools | July 2017
A heath worker plots a child's growth on a chart.
Success Stories | July 2017
A groundnut farmer receives an award from a FFS instructor.
Success Stories | July 2017
A woman picks okra in her field.
Success Stories | July 2017
Farmers drying groundnuts pods on a tarpaulin – Yendi District
Job Aids and Tools | July 2017
A health worker calmly uses a Hemocue device on a patient. The patient covers her face with her hand and has a pained look on what we can see of her face. Two friends of hers look on with similar uncomfortable looks.
Training Materials | June 2017
A young child grins at the camera as she washes her hands at a tippy tap.
Job Aids and Tools | June 2017
A man stands outside a round latrine structure with a thatched roof.
Success Stories | May 2017
Screencapture of the report cover
Reports | April 2017
Photo of Miss Bantaabu, a community health worker, meets with Madam Kusumi Gipi (right) during a counseling session about breastfeeding.
Success Stories | October 2016
Household leaders meet together
Training Materials | September 2016
Faustina Kiisi, a community health nurse at Tolon Health Center, reaches out to her colleagues on WhatsApp.
Success Stories | September 2016
Thumbnail of DATA's cover
Job Aids and Tools | September 2016
Photo of a group of people gathered outside
Reports | September 2016
Seated woman holding a baby sits next to a man who is speaking and holding a pad of paper and a pencil
Reports | September 2016