Our publications curate evidence, best practices, and policies to help improve nutrition through health, agriculture, and economic development programs.

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Cover illustration: a woman giving a slide show/power point demonstration to a group of mothers and fathers with their children
Training Materials | May 2018
Illustrated image of a man and woman walking near a stream.
Training Materials | May 2018
Photograph of a group of women in India using instructional cards
Reports | February 2018
Participatory Community-Led Video Approach Catalyzes Social and Behavior Change for Nutrition
Posters | May 2017
Series | January 2017
Thumbnail of India tool
Job Aids and Tools | January 2017
Modified screenshot of the PDF
Journal Articles | October 2016
Woman spoon feeding a baby.
Reports | September 2016
Photo of women sitting in a circle
Series | September 2015
Train station and tracks
Case Studies | March 2015
class learning
Case Studies | March 2015
Shooting video of food preparation
Reports | October 2014
Community-Led Formative Research to Determine Priority Nutrition Behaviors for an Innovative Video Feasibility Study
Posters | July 2013
The Use of Participatory, Community-led Videos in India: Pushing New Buttons for Nutrition, Livelihoods, and Agriculture
Posters | July 2013
Training Frontline Health and ICDS Workers in Uttar Pradesh
A2Z Resources | July 2013
Training Frontline Health and ICDS Workers in Jharkhand
A2Z Resources | July 2013