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Photo of three mothers, standing outside, each holding her child while looking at the camera.
Reports | August 2018
Photo of toddler boy holding a cup and looking into the camera as his parents watch in the background
Briefs | July 2018
A woman crouching with a hajol.
Reports | September 2017
Figure 2: Dietary Diversity Score of Women
Briefs | August 2017
A Bangladeshi woman sits on a blanket with her two young children. There is a plate of food on the blanket and she is holding out her hand with food in it to feed the younger child.
Reports | August 2017
A mother holds her baby up in the air. Both look happy. The mother smiles at the baby. The baby smiles at the camera.
Reports | August 2017
Mst. Nurunnahar provides messages on handwashing practices and dietary diversity during her session.
Success Stories | August 2017
front page of document
National Anemia Profiles | June 2017
Sitting in a circle at a FNS
Job Aids and Tools | May 2017
A man teaches a group of men and women.
Briefs | April 2017
A woman sits in her garden
Reports | April 2017
Sefali Begum prepares the vermicomposting bed for her successful homestead garden in Barisal, Bangladesh.
Success Stories | March 2017
Officer Faridul Islam washes his hands with a tippy tap.
Success Stories | March 2017
FNS Flash Card
Job Aids and Tools | March 2017
Photo of women holding clear jugs over a table of vegetables.
Briefs | February 2017
Photo of two women at a table going over a diagram.
Briefs | February 2017
Women holds a net with a fish
Training Materials | December 2016
Recommendations along the life cycle graphic
Briefs | December 2016
Union Facilitator Oloka Biswas speaks to a farmer nutrition school graduate and her family members.
Success Stories | October 2016
Farmer nutrition school member Nilufa tends to her orange-fleshed sweet potato crop.
Success Stories | September 2016
Nasima’s family helps her prepare and use the compost that allows them to grow more nutritious vegetables. Photo credit: SPRING/Bangladesh
Success Stories | September 2016
Woman holding her baby
Case Studies | August 2016
A Family Welfare Visitor uses mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) tape to regularly screen the growth of children in her area.
Success Stories | June 2016
Mehdi Hasan Sattar helps his wife in the homestead garden, where the family grows nutritious vegetables. Photo credit: SPRING/Bangladesh
Success Stories | May 2016
Farmer nutrition school participants practice throwing a net into the fish pond in Babuganj. The fish they catch will provide critical nutrients to their families. Photo: SPRING/Bangladesh
Success Stories | May 2016
Woman and child washing hands using a Tippy Tap.
Reports | February 2016
In Durgapur village, a farmer nutrition school graduate and her son tend to the chickens that produce important nutrients for their family.
Success Stories | January 2016
Woman holding and feeding her toddler
Success Stories | October 2015
A community health care provider meets with a lactating mother at Atakathi Community Clinic.
Success Stories | September 2015
Woman holding child standing with mother-in-law outside
Success Stories | September 2015
Aporna Shikder and her daughter use a tippy tap to wash their hands in rural Bangladesh.
Success Stories | September 2015
A More Plentiful Home
Success Stories | September 2015