Association of Maternal Anemia with Other Risk Factors in Occurrence of Great Obstetrical Syndromes at University Clinics, Kinshasa, DR Congo

Maternal anemia prevents oxygen and nutrients from reaching the placenta-fetus unit, which can lead to obstetrical complications and poor birth outcomes. This cross-sectional study explored the magnitude of maternal anemia and its relationship to obstetrical complications and birth outcomes. The findings demonstrated an association between maternal anemia and pre-pregnancy factors (age < 18 or ≥35 years, single status, previous miscarriage, grand multiparity, diabetes in family, previous prematurity, overweight/obesity, previous cesarean section and previous pre-eclampsia), malaria, urinary tract infection, and a greater risk of a cesarean section and stillbirths. Offspring of anemic mothers were more likely to be premature, or small for gestational age.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2015