The Effect of Iron-fortified Complementary Food and Intermittent Preventive Treatment of Malaria on Anaemia in 12- to 36-month-old Children: A Cluster-randomised Controlled Trial

In tropical regions, high rates of iron deficiency and malaria are common, both of which contribute to higher anemia prevalence. This study examined whether iron fortification combined with intermittent preventive treatment (IPT) of malaria would have a greater impact on reducing anemia than either intervention alone in young children. The authors found that while IPT modestly decreased anemia and iron-fortified complementary food improved iron status, neither intervention significantly improved hemoglobin concentration, nor did IPT enhance the effect of iron-fortified complementary food at the completion of the study. To develop comprehensive strategies to prevent and treat anemia in malaria endemic regions, further research is recommended.

Malar J. 2015