Tackling Obesities: Future Choices - Project Report. 2nd Edition

This report takes a unique, visual approach to discuss the multi-sectoral challenges associated with rising obesity and poor nutrition in the UK. Obesity is a very complex problem that involves many factors and, consequently, there is no single fix. The authors of this report used a systems mapping approach to understand and map obesity’s complexity so that they could understand the interrelationship between all of the determinates and causes and provide insight as to the best policy responses to combat obesity.  The report concludes by exhorting the UK to pioneer a new method of talking obesity by using an integrated approach and setting a global standard.

Butland, Bryony, Susan Jebb, Peter Kopelman, Klim McPherson, Sandy Thomas, Jane Mardell, and Vivienne Parry. "Tackling Obesities: Future Choices- Project Report. 2nd Edition." Government Office for Science, 2007.