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Concepts and Guidelines for Developing and Evaluating Implementation Models for Newborn Vitamin A Supplementation in South Asia, November 28, 2007

Long known to reduce child mortality of children over six months of age, newborn vitamin A supplementation (NVAS) is being examined as a means to reduce infant mortality.

Keywords: Supplementation
Location: Asia


South and Southeast Asia

This SPRING regional profile provides an overview of early life nutrition status and later life nutrition-related noncommunicable diseases (N-RNCDs) in South and Southeast (SSE) Asia. The...

Location: Asia

Resource Review Summaries

Despite rapid economic growth in recent years, South Asia still has among the highest child malnutrition rates in the world with half the child population undernourished. Besides children,...

Keywords: Malnutrition, Micronutrient, Agriculture
Location: Asia

Malaria is one of the leading causes of anemia globally. The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) has released updated, redesigned country profiles for the 20 focus countries in Africa and...

Keywords: Anemia
Location: Africa, Asia

The impact of agriculture investments on nutrition was shared in this research-to-practice seminar featuring the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition. Presenters discussed their key...

Keywords: Nutrition-sensitive
Location: Africa, Asia

This report provides a snapshot of activities among Feed the Future’s 19 focus countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and the Caribbean in 2012-2013. Guided by the "Key Pathways...

Looking especially at refined sugar, salt, and fats (saturated and unsaturated), this paper compares how consumption of these ‘product vectors’ are converging between lower-middle, upper-...

Location: Asia

This comprehensive, 50+ page report provides perspective from DFID UK on the effectiveness of using agricultural activities to achieve nutrition outcomes. A literature review drawing...

Keywords: Agriculture, Aflatoxin, Home gardens
Location: Africa, Asia

This webinar provided an overview of the global malnutrition problem; the main approaches through which the agriculture sector can address malnutrition; some of the agriculture-related...

Keywords: Malnutrition, Agriculture
Location: Asia, Africa

This overview from the Maternal and Young Child Nutrition Security Initiative in Asia outlines linkages between nutrition and a variety of development sectors. The brief re-examines the...

This webinar will provide an overview of the global malnutrition problem, the main approaches through which the agriculture sector can address malnutrition, some of the agriculture- related...

Keywords: Malnutrition
Location: Asia, Africa