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Photo of a woman gardening from the SPRING/Bangladesh Facebook page

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Keywords: Communication
Location: Bangladesh
Children showing off their coloring for World Handwashing Day

SPRING joined the Government of Bangladesh, USAID, and other partners on the ground to mark Global Handwashing Day.

Young boy washing his hands with a tippy tap

SPRING/Bangladesh and Sisimpur produced a live action segment on tippy taps to teach young children proper hand hygiene.

USAID Acting Administrator Visits a SPRING/Bangladesh Farmer Nutrition School

The USAID Acting Administrator visited a SPRING/Bangladesh Farmer Nutrition School as part of a short VIP tour of Khulna.

Location: Bangladesh
SPRING/Bangladesh Recognized by the Government of Bangladesh on World Population Day

During World Population Day, the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) recognized SPRING/Bangladesh’s exceptional efforts in Barisal district.

Location: Bangladesh
Tippy Taps and Community Nutrition Champions to Play a Larger Role in Bangladesh

The Revitalization of Community Health Care Initiatives in Bangladesh will expand the use of SPRING-introduced tippy taps and nutrition champions.

Location: Bangladesh
SPRING/Bangladesh Celebrates World Breastfeeding Week with Multiple Events

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year in more than 120 countries. SPRING joined that celebration by organizing events to spread key messages on breastfeeding across Bangladesh's...

Location: Bangladesh
Left to Right: Kathrin Tegenfeldt, Country Director FHI360/Bangladesh and Acting COP for SHIKHA, Aaron Hawkins, COP SPRING/Bangladesh, and Dr. Iftekhar Rashid, Nutrition Specialist USAID/Bangladesh

Through a "seeds hand-over" ceremony in May 2015, the projects commit to widely sharing dietary diversity information.

Location: Bangladesh
SPRING/Bangladesh staffs a booth at the agricultural fair

SPRING/Bangladesh disseminated important information about ENA and EHA during the government-organized agriculture fair in Dumuria Upazila, Khulna Division, reaching hundreds of people...

Location: Bangladesh
Agnes Guyon presenting at 14th World Congress on Public Health

SPRING/Bangladesh participated in the 14th World Congress on Public Health in Kolkata, India on February 14, 2015. SPRING/ Bangladesh's Divisional Manager for Khulna, Mr. Md. Nazmul Huda,...

Location: Bangladesh
VIP USAID Delegation at the New FNS site in Chhota Bahirdia Purbopara in Fakirhat Upazila Bagerhat, Khulna - 28 October, 2014

The Assistant Administrator for USAID/Asia and the USAID/Bangladesh Mission Director visited SPRING on October 28, 2014 as part of a short tour to Southern Bangladesh this week.

Location: Bangladesh
demonstration session

SPRING/Bangladesh celebrated World Handwashing Day on October 15 through a variety of community outreach activities, including rickshaw rallies, technical discussions, ‘miking’, tippy-tap...

Location: Bangladesh

Success Stories

Woman holding and feeding her toddler

Determined to provide better nutrition and care for her baby, Dolly decided to enroll in a Farmer Nutrition School (FNS) in Bahadurpur in October 2013. Funded by USAID and implemented...

A community health care provider meets with a lactating mother at Atakathi Community Clinic.

In Bangladesh, seven million children suffer from stunting caused by undernutrition, which means that they are unable to develop to their full mental and physical potential. But one health...

Woman holding child standing with mother-in-law outside

Using a group-based learning model, Bangladesh’s Farmer Nutrition Schools (FNS) provide training that enhances access to diversified nutrient-rich vegetables, poultry, and fish for pregnant...

Aporna Shikder and her daughter use a tippy tap to wash their hands in rural Bangladesh.

Thanks to the FNS, which is implemented by SPRING, Ms. Shikder is getting more out of her poultry rearing operation after learning new techniques like providing vaccinations for healthier...

A More Plentiful Home

In October 2014, Parvin, then a lactating mother, enrolled in one of the Farmer Nutrition Schools (FNS) organized by the USAID SPRING project. She has never missed an FNS session. In...

Hatching Manjila's Dream

Manjila is the only earning member in her family, working as a maid, and has faced significant hardships to support her family. She was determined to make a better life for her family.

Keywords: Farmer nutrition school
Location: Bangladesh
Cashing in on Improved Hatching Pots

Fatema Begum attended every farmer nutrition school (FNS) session, and during the poultry-rearing sessions, she learned about the importance of the “hajol,” or improved hatching pot.

Piyara with her youngest child

Ten months ago, Piyara enrolled in one of SPRING’s Farmer Nutrition School (FNS) sessions in the Lalmohan upazila. During these FNS sessions, she learned about proper health, nutrition,...

Mothers Becoming Homestead Farmers in Bangladesh

By joining a farmer nutrition school, Anowara received valuable knowledge on hygiene, nutrition, and homestead food production, including techniques to improve vegetable gardening, poultry...

Keywords: Farmer nutrition school
Location: Bangladesh


Boy washing hands with a tippy tap

Sisimpur has collaborated with SPRING/Bangladesh to prepare a live action segment on tippy taps with adolescent children as protagonists to promote hand washing.

USAID Acting Administrator Visits a SPRING/Bangladesh Farmer Nutrition School

The USAID Acting Administrator visited a SPRING/Bangladesh Farmer Nutrition School as part of a short VIP tour of Khulna.

Keywords: Farmer nutrition school
Location: Bangladesh
VIP USAID delegation at the new FNS site in Chhota Bahirdia Purbopara in Fakirhat upazila Bagerhat, Khulna - 28 October, 2014

The Assistant Administrator for USAID/Asia, Ms. Anne Aarnes, and the USAID/Bangladesh Mission Director, Ms. Janina Jaruzelski, visited SPRING on Tuesday, October 28 as part of a short tour...

Keywords: Farmer nutrition school
Location: Bangladesh
Demonstration session at Jagodal Union Parishad

SPRING/Bangladesh is committed to advocating the importance of handwashing. As a central component of its work, SPRING works hand in hand with the Government of Bangladesh and with rural...

Charkalmi Union of Charfession of Bhola District rickshaw rally

Every year during World Breastfeeding Week, SPRING/Bangladesh supports national and regional efforts to raise awareness about breastfeeding.

Keywords: Breastfeeding
Location: Bangladesh

Case Studies

Woman with child

A&T implements multi-component programs that make strategic use of data to plan, assess, and evaluate program impact to improve child feeding practices. The aim is to disseminate the...

Training Materials

Woman with child picking fruit

This guide incorporates ENA and EHA in each session to encourage families to adopt improved practices in health and nutrition as well as HFP, when they have pregnant women and/or children...


family outside

This study provides insight into the factors that motivate households to take up production of nutrient-dense foods, to consume nutritious foods that they produce rather than sell, and to...


A Rapid Initial Assessment of the Distribution and Consumption of Iron-Folic Acid Tablets Through Antenatal Care in Bangladesh

25% of the world's population suffers from anemia. SPRING has a method for making a rapid, initial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the distribution and consumption of IFA...

Location: Bangladesh


Resource Review Summaries

When deciding how to design or whether to fund a nutrition-sensitive agricultural intervention, we need to know the potential scope of impact. How many people will we reach? This blog...

This guide reports on the learning that has emerged from the Transform Nutrition consortium's research examining the potential of the social protection and agriculture sectors in Bangladesh...

This report summarizes an online discussion event held April 25-26 2017, hosted by Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia. The LANSA agri-food value chains research teams have...

The Developing Local Extension Capacity (DLEC) Project produced diagnostics of the extension systems in Bangladesh and Nigeria. These analyses take a critical and constructive approach to...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Bangladesh, Nigeria

During this seminar, Gitau Mbure, Senior Technical Advisor for Agriculture at World Vision, and Clare Sullivan, Deputy Agriculture and Food Security Center at Columbia University, shared...

This journal article investigates the extent of children’s exposure to animal feces and whether this exposure is associated with child anthropometry. Using diverse, large samples of data...

Bangladesh achieved rapid growth in rice productivity at a relatively late stage in Asia's Green Revolution, as well as unheralded progress against undernutrition. This paper identifies the...

Keywords: Agriculture, Food systems
Location: Bangladesh

GAIN and the Business for Social Responsibility Change Associates are testing scalable solutions to reduce malnutrition among garment factory workers in Bangladesh. They believe that...

Keywords: Anemia
Location: Bangladesh

This study examined the impact of nutrition and hygiene interventions on stunting in full-term low-birthweight infants. Researchers found that hand sanitizer, combined with nutrition,...

Keywords: Anemia, Micronutrient
Location: Bangladesh

This article features one community’s story of an innovative, community-focused approach to tackling malnutrition in rural Bangladesh through its Farmer Nutrition School pioneered by SPRING...

This paper documents the Alive & Thrive project’s efforts to scale-up infant and young child feeding interventions in three countries from 2009 to 2013. Systems strengthening is seen as...

Bangladesh experiences high hunger rates, especially seasonally. Short duration varieties and direct seeding of rice were introduced to farmers in Northwest Bangladesh during the monsoon...

Keywords: Food security, Agriculture
Location: Bangladesh

This photo essay explores livelihoods in Bangladesh in detail, focusing on a woman farmer who learned how to improve sanitation in her community through a community video program. With...

This study explored the determinants of hemoglobin and iron status in Bangladesh, as the prevalence of iron deficiency is quite low, according to the 2011-2012 National Micronutrient Survey...

Keywords: Anemia
Location: Bangladesh

This article reviews evidence related to the agriculture to nutrition pathways in Bangladesh to reveal gaps in knowledge and research. The review examined articles and resources and rated...

Location: Bangladesh

The promotion of a small indigenous fish rich in vitamin A can cost effectively improve vitamin A intake, as described in this benefit-cost analysis. With fish already an important part of...

Location: Bangladesh

This webinar highlighted the importance of an integrated nutrition-sensitive social protection system. Field examples are from Bangladesh, Zambia, Myanmar, and Nigeria.

Multisectoral programmatic approaches can bring about improved nutritional outcomes. This article features Bangladesh as a promising example in achieving nutritional outcomes as the country...

Location: Bangladesh

Home-based vegetable production has been lauded as a nutrition- and gender-sensitive intervention, yet evidence is lacking. This study tested whether women’s training in improved home...

Location: Bangladesh

Maternal micronutrient deficiencies can adversely affect fetal and infant health, but there is insufficient evidence to guide the use of multiple micronutrient supplements. The JiVitA-3...

Location: Bangladesh

This Ag Sector Council event featured an update on a range of scientific advances that will directly impact the future of global rice supplies and the sustainability of intensive rice...

Location: Nepal, India, Bangladesh

The July 2014 edition of the Feed the Future Newsletter features stories on how the initiative is working to improve nutrition through the U.S. President’s Initiative. Read about efforts in...

Location: Uganda, Bangladesh

WASHPlus The March 2014 edition of the WASH/Nutrition Literature Update included a wide range of articles, with WASH/nutrition studies focused on Bangladesh, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nepal, and...

Location: Bangladesh

In December, the NALAN group held a webinar on integrating gender and social and behavioral change into projects featuring Helen Keller International in Bangladesh and Food for the Hungry...

Location: Bangladesh