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Civil Surgeon of Bhola District rally

SPRING/Bangladesh celebrated World Breastfeeding Week from August 1-7, 2014 through a variety of community outreach activities, including rickshaw rallies, technical discussions, ‘miking’,...

Location: Bangladesh
US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Dan Mozena, and USAID Mission Director, Janina Jaruzelski, visited a SPRING farmer field school to learn first-hand about nutrition efforts.

US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Dan Mozena, and USAID Mission Director, Janina Jaruzelski, visited a SPRING farmer field school to learn first-hand about nutrition efforts.

Location: Bangladesh
Vitamin A Plus Campaign inauguration by the Upazila Health & Family Planning Officer in Barisal Division

SPRING and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in Bangladesh celebrated the National Vitamin A Plus Campaign as part of on-going, national efforts to raise awareness about diseases...

Keywords: Micronutrient
Location: Bangladesh
A parade in Bangladesh during World Breastfeeding Week

SPRING/Bangladesh joined with national and local partners during World Breastfeeding Week to promote exclusive breastfeeding.

Location: Bangladesh
Amanda Pomeroy

Amanda Pomeroy, SPRING’s Research and Evaluation Officer/JSI, presents at the at the 9th World Congress of the International Health Economics Association, July 6-10th, 2013 in Sydney,...

Location: Bangladesh
The Use of Participatory, Community-led Videos in India: Pushing New Buttons for Nutrition, Livelihoods, and Agriculture

SPRING delegates will attend the IUNS 20th International Congress of Nutrition, one of the most prestigious international nutrition conferences.

Keywords: Community media
Location: Nepal, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India
SPRING Expands Partnership with Government of Bangladesh to Improve Nutrition

SPRING signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) to improve nutritional status of Bangladeshi women and children.

Location: Bangladesh
Participants at the seminar

SPRING/Bangladesh recently organized a high-profile seminar highlighting its approach to mainstreaming nutrition and hygiene across agriculture and health partners.

Location: Bangladesh
WorldFish Center screenshot

SPRING and the WorldFish Center signed a Letter of Collaboration to improve the nutritional status of women and children in Bangladesh...

Location: Bangladesh
female health worker interacting with clients

From May 23-24, 2012, the SPRING Project led a nutrition advocacy workshop in Barisal...

Location: Bangladesh


Photo of a father holding his son outdoors

A focus group discussion (FGD) approach was selected to investigate social norms and perceptions about men’s market behavior in rural Bangladesh. The purpose of the focus group was to...

ELN-NCD Report

This Phase I report describes a simulation model for early-life nutrition linkages to noncommunicable disease (ELN-NCD) that SPRING developed to yield a more complete understanding of the...

Case Studies

Implementing the Essential Nutrition Actions Framework

SPRING builds on international experiences in several sectors to design Bangladesh-specific interventions and innovations by targeting health and agricultural workers within the GOB and...

Training Materials

Covers of the Community Health Worker's Training Guide and Handbook

These training materials include a set of reference tools to be used at the community level to promote and support improved nutrition practices.


Individual Energy and Nutrient Intake from a 24-hour and 7-day Recall: Comparing Estimates Using the 2011/2012 Bangladesh Integrated Household Survey

Understanding food consumption patterns and nutrient intakes is essential for informing evidence-based food and nutrition policies, yet the international food and nutrition community faces...

Location: Bangladesh
Factors Influencing Home Garden Choices Related to Dietary Diversity in Bangladesh

The findings of this study suggest that women in Bangladesh value food production skills training as the single most important motivating factor for homestead production.

Positive Unintended Consequences in Programs for Women’s and Child Nutrition in Bangladesh: Scaling Up Tippy Taps

Current knowledge suggests that including Essential Hygiene Actions in nutrition interventions has potential to contribute to better nutrition outcomes.


Participants observing the use of tippy taps.

SPRING/Bangladesh recently organized a high-profile seminar highlighting its approach to mainstreaming nutrition and hygiene across agriculture and health partners.

Location: Bangladesh
A local parade during World Breastfeeding Week in Bangladesh

SPRING is highly committed to supporting the Government of Bangladesh and provides technical and logistical support for arranging national events like World Breastfeeding Week (WBW).

Keywords: Breastfeeding
Location: Bangladesh
Vitamin A Plus Campaign inauguration by the Upazila Health & Family Planning Officer in Barisal Division

SPRING supported upazila health and family planning departments by providing outreach services to communities and helping with intensive community mobilization (including making public ser


girl demonstrating use of tippy tap

SPRING is the first nutrition project to scale up tippy taps to rural communities in Bangladesh and is currently assessing the uptake of these practices and their likelihood to improve...


Promoting Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA) and Essential Hygiene Actions (EHA) has been a major component of SPRING’s work in Bangladesh. During the first two years of implementation,...

Farmer field school

SPRING uses its Farmer Nutrition School (FNS) model of group-based learning for resource-poor households to improve their production and consumption of diversified, micronutrient-rich foods...

Journal Articles

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Vitamin A deficiency is a serious health problem in Bangladesh. In the absence of nationally-representative, individual dietary assessment data, the authors used household income and...

Job Aids and Tools

Section of the poster depicting nutritious plants

SPRING/Bangladesh is collaborating with the Government of Bangladesh to improve maternal, infant, and young child nutrition in Bangladesh. This poster provides practical examples of...

Girl washing her hands at a tippy tap

Handwashing with soap at critical times prevents families from getting diarrhea and other diseases. “Tippy taps” are simple (and usually free) devices that serve as a convenient access...

Keywords: Handwashing
Location: Bangladesh

Field Notes

Training to Integrate Agriculture and Nutrition in Bangladesh

This field note examines the SPRING/Bangladesh project and its training of project and government agents to deliver nutrition and hygiene messages alongside agricultural interventions at...

Keywords: Training, Integration, Agriculture
Location: Bangladesh

Success Stories

Journey to a Promising Future

Rajopa is a housewife living with her husband, a day laborer, and their four children in the Charkhalifa village of Barisal Division in the southern delta region of Bangladesh. For years,...

Keywords: Farmer nutrition school
Location: Bangladesh
Counseling Toward Healthier Communities

Jesmin is a community health care provider at the Krisnakathi Community Clinic in the southern delta region of Bangladesh. Her training did not prepare her to counsel new mothers,...


AgN-GLEE - Asia Feedback: USAID/Bangladesh

In March 2013, the SPRING project hosted an Agriculture and Nutrition Global Learning and Evidence Exchange (AgN-GLEE) event entitled Strengthened and Sustainable Linkages among Agriculture...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Thailand, Bangladesh


Resource Review Summaries

When deciding how to design or whether to fund a nutrition-sensitive agricultural intervention, we need to know the potential scope of impact. How many people will we reach? This blog...

This guide reports on the learning that has emerged from the Transform Nutrition consortium's research examining the potential of the social protection and agriculture sectors in Bangladesh...

This report summarizes an online discussion event held April 25-26 2017, hosted by Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia. The LANSA agri-food value chains research teams have...

The Developing Local Extension Capacity (DLEC) Project produced diagnostics of the extension systems in Bangladesh and Nigeria. These analyses take a critical and constructive approach to...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Bangladesh, Nigeria

During this seminar, Gitau Mbure, Senior Technical Advisor for Agriculture at World Vision, and Clare Sullivan, Deputy Agriculture and Food Security Center at Columbia University, shared...

This journal article investigates the extent of children’s exposure to animal feces and whether this exposure is associated with child anthropometry. Using diverse, large samples of data...

Bangladesh achieved rapid growth in rice productivity at a relatively late stage in Asia's Green Revolution, as well as unheralded progress against undernutrition. This paper identifies the...

Keywords: Agriculture, Food systems
Location: Bangladesh

GAIN and the Business for Social Responsibility Change Associates are testing scalable solutions to reduce malnutrition among garment factory workers in Bangladesh. They believe that...

Keywords: Anemia
Location: Bangladesh

This study examined the impact of nutrition and hygiene interventions on stunting in full-term low-birthweight infants. Researchers found that hand sanitizer, combined with nutrition,...

Keywords: Anemia, Micronutrient
Location: Bangladesh

This article features one community’s story of an innovative, community-focused approach to tackling malnutrition in rural Bangladesh through its Farmer Nutrition School pioneered by SPRING...

This paper documents the Alive & Thrive project’s efforts to scale-up infant and young child feeding interventions in three countries from 2009 to 2013. Systems strengthening is seen as...

Bangladesh experiences high hunger rates, especially seasonally. Short duration varieties and direct seeding of rice were introduced to farmers in Northwest Bangladesh during the monsoon...

Keywords: Food security, Agriculture
Location: Bangladesh

This photo essay explores livelihoods in Bangladesh in detail, focusing on a woman farmer who learned how to improve sanitation in her community through a community video program. With...

This study explored the determinants of hemoglobin and iron status in Bangladesh, as the prevalence of iron deficiency is quite low, according to the 2011-2012 National Micronutrient Survey...

Keywords: Anemia
Location: Bangladesh

This article reviews evidence related to the agriculture to nutrition pathways in Bangladesh to reveal gaps in knowledge and research. The review examined articles and resources and rated...

Location: Bangladesh

The promotion of a small indigenous fish rich in vitamin A can cost effectively improve vitamin A intake, as described in this benefit-cost analysis. With fish already an important part of...

Location: Bangladesh

This webinar highlighted the importance of an integrated nutrition-sensitive social protection system. Field examples are from Bangladesh, Zambia, Myanmar, and Nigeria.

Multisectoral programmatic approaches can bring about improved nutritional outcomes. This article features Bangladesh as a promising example in achieving nutritional outcomes as the country...

Location: Bangladesh

Home-based vegetable production has been lauded as a nutrition- and gender-sensitive intervention, yet evidence is lacking. This study tested whether women’s training in improved home...

Location: Bangladesh

Maternal micronutrient deficiencies can adversely affect fetal and infant health, but there is insufficient evidence to guide the use of multiple micronutrient supplements. The JiVitA-3...

Location: Bangladesh

This Ag Sector Council event featured an update on a range of scientific advances that will directly impact the future of global rice supplies and the sustainability of intensive rice...

Location: Nepal, India, Bangladesh

The July 2014 edition of the Feed the Future Newsletter features stories on how the initiative is working to improve nutrition through the U.S. President’s Initiative. Read about efforts in...

Location: Uganda, Bangladesh

WASHPlus The March 2014 edition of the WASH/Nutrition Literature Update included a wide range of articles, with WASH/nutrition studies focused on Bangladesh, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nepal, and...

Location: Bangladesh

In December, the NALAN group held a webinar on integrating gender and social and behavioral change into projects featuring Helen Keller International in Bangladesh and Food for the Hungry...

Location: Bangladesh