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Highlights of the training of trainers

The West Africa Food Security Partnership and the SPRING Project, in collaboration with Peace Corps/Gambia, teamed up in a training of trainers session focused on nutrition and hygiene...

Location: Gambia
SPRING Partners with Peace Corps to Provide Nutrition Training in West Africa

SPRING is collaborating with the United States Peace Corps’ Office of Program and Training Support, the West Africa Food Security Partnership (WAFSP).

Resource Review Summaries

While iron supplementation can be an effective intervention for anemia, it can also be harmful to those with additional infections, because pathogens feed off of the iron. Oral iron...

Keywords: Anemia
Location: Gambia

This study, conducted in The Gambia, explored the protective nature of iron deficiency anemia against malaria. Findings showed that anemia, more so than sickle-cell trait, hindered the...

Keywords: Anemia, Micronutrient, Supplementation
Location: Gambia