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SPRING’s two-day workshop trained FAIR project implementing partners in nutrition-sensitive agriculture.


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Reducing undernutrition requires a commitment from multiple sectors, yet documentation on how to collaborate across sectors to reach global goals is scant. Through a three-country...

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Globally, there is a substantial evidence base for effective and cost-effective nutrition-specific interventions. These interventions include complementary feeding, general supportive...

Location: Guatemala

Case Studies

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In 2013, The Lancet released a series of papers that reviewed progress toward improving nutrition around the globe. In this series, the authors argued that to achieve global targets to...

Keywords: Multi-sector
Location: Guatemala


Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Starts with Nutrition Sensitive Value Chains

Working with two USAID-funded value chain activities in Guatemala, SPRING researched how and where nutrition and agricultural value chains can be linked.

Keywords: Nutrition-sensitive
Location: Guatemala
Formative Research Sheds Light on Agriculture's Potential Impact on Nutrition in Guatemala

SPRING's research reveals how agriculture can be leveraged to improve nutrition in Guatemala's Western Highlands


Increasing Nutrition Sensitivity of Value Chains: A Review of Two Feed the Future Projects in Guatemala

The effect of agriculture on nutrition is multifaceted. Agriculture— contributes to a healthy life by producing foods for household consumption and increasing availability of foods within...


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SPRING conducted formative research in August 2014 to explore factors that affect household-level food purchase and production decisions in the Feed the Future zone of influence (ZOI) of...

Event Series

AgN-GLEE Events

In collaboration with USAID’s Bureau of Global Health and Bureau for Food Security, SPRING hosted a series of regional and global workshops to assist Feed the Future Missions and...

Field Notes

Integration and Coordination in Guatemala

This field note highlights the work of the Guatemala Mission to coordinate programming within the Feed the Future zone of influence with the goal of achieving improved nutritional outcomes.

Keywords: Agriculture, Integration
Location: Guatemala


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USAID | Guatemala is actively supporting the coordination of development initiatives under Feed the Future, bringing agriculture and nutrition partners together through the newly-created...

Keywords: Integration, Agriculture
Location: Online, Guatemala
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In March 2013, the SPRING project hosted an Agriculture and Nutrition Global Learning and Evidence Exchange (AgN-GLEE) event entitled Strengthened and Sustainable Linkages among Agricul

Keywords: Multi-sector, Agriculture
Location: Guatemala


AgN-GLEE - LAC Feedback: USAID/Brazil

In March 2013, the SPRING project hosted an Agriculture and Nutrition Global Learning and Evidence Exchange (AgN-GLEE) event entitled Strengthened and Sustainable Linkages among Agriculture...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Guatemala, Brazil

Resource Review Summaries

FANTA’s legacy report highlights six years of technical assistance in Guatemala aiming to raise awareness of the need to invest in evidence-based nutrition services; strengthen...

Guatemala is the wealthiest of Feed the Future’s 19 focus countries globally, yet it grapples with severe malnutrition, rising poverty, and stark inequality. Guatemala’s economy has made...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Guatemala

The agriculture sector has a significant role to play in improving the nutritional status of women and children. Strengthening the link between agriculture and nutrition is critical to...

In his new book, journalist Roger Thurow tells stories of mothers and babies worldwide to explore the effort to end childhood malnutrition. Thurow highlights the importance of proper...

This report reviews two Feed the Future projects in Guatemala and emphasizes the importance of increasing the nutrition sensitivity across all stages of value chains. The report maps out...

Keywords: Nutrition-sensitive
Location: Guatemala

This article features approaches to combat severe chronic malnutrition in Guatemala, some of which include agricultural practices. Other featured approaches include improved education,...

Keywords: Malnutrition
Location: Guatemala

The Western Highlands Integrated Program (WHIP) baseline survey experience in Guatemala yielded important lessons about how to implement effective large-scale evaluation approaches. This...

Keywords: Integration
Location: Guatemala

This news piece highlights the production of Mi Comidita in Guatemala, a corn-soy porridge fortified with 19 vitamins and minerals and financed largely by the Canadian government and the...

Location: Guatemala

About half of Guatemala’s children will face physical or developmental challenges due to malnutrition, yet vegetables grown for export overflow in the countryside. Roger Thurow longtime...

Keywords: Malnutrition
Location: Guatemala

Following a previous Learning in Action article on USAID/Guatemala's perspective on learning within WHIP, Elena Hurtado, Chief of Party for Nutri-Salud, provides insights from the...

Location: Guatemala