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Nutrition Financing Takes Center Stage at Major International Conferences

SPRING to share findings from its Nepal and Uganda nutrition financing work

Location: Nepal, Uganda
The SPRING Pathways to Better Nutrition Case Study Team in Nepal

SPRING has recently completed baseline data collection on their “Pathways to Better Nutrition” case study in Nepal, with a series of in-country interviews of key stakeholders.

Location: Nepal
The Use of Participatory, Community-led Videos in India: Pushing New Buttons for Nutrition, Livelihoods, and Agriculture

SPRING delegates will attend the IUNS 20th International Congress of Nutrition, one of the most prestigious international nutrition conferences.

Keywords: Community media
Location: Nepal, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India


Pathways to better nutrition icon with arrows

A multi-sectoral approach is often thought to be the most effective way to address undernutrition. However, questions remain about the best ways to move from good nutrition policy to...

Data prioritization activity in Ghana

SPRING has piloted the DATA in three countries: Ghana, Nepal, and Uganda

Keywords: Anemia, Multi-sector
Location: Ghana, Uganda, Nepal


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Why does financing matter to improving nutrition outcomes? This crucial information can be used to improve planning, advocacy efforts, and implementation of nutrition activities. Watch this...

Case Studies

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In Nepal, four in 10 children are stunted; one in three women and five in 10 children are anemic, and one in 10 children is wasted. Suaahara (“Good Nutrition”) is implementing a...


Factors Affecting Nutrition around Nepal

This set of quantitative snapshots acts as a complement to the qualitative and financial analysis being conducted as part of SPRING’s “Pathways to Better Nutrition” Case Study Series, with...

Location: Nepal
Nepal Strategic Background Report

This background paper outlines the scope of the PBN Case Study, provides the rationale for Nepal as a study subject, describes the policy and nutrition context of the country, and...

Location: Nepal
A Rapid Initial Assessment of the Distribution and Consumption of Iron-Folic Acid Tablets through Antenatal Care in Nepal

25% of the world's population suffers from anemia. SPRING has a method for making a rapid, initial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the distribution and consumption of IFA...

Location: Nepal
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Evidence increasingly supports the hypothesis that maternal undernutrition, as well as in-utero and infant and young child undernutrition, increase the risk of developing nutrition-related...

Field Notes

Map of Nepal

This field note highlights the work of the Nepal Mission to coordinate programming within the Feed the Future zone of influence to leverage greater results in improving nutritional outcomes...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Nepal

A2Z Resources

Success in Delivering Interventions to Reduce Maternal Anemia in Nepal

Anemia has been recognized as a serious public health problem in Nepal for many years. In 2004 the Government of Nepal launched the Intensification of Maternal and Neonatal Micronutrient...

Keywords: Anemia, Micronutrient
Location: Nepal


Resource Review Summaries

This synthesis document accompanies three case studies carried out by ENN in 2017 in Senegal, Nepal, and Kenya to document nutrition-sensitive and multi-sector program experiences with a...

This brief, developed by SPRING, describes country-led efforts to coordinate and implement anemia prevention and control, offering lessons learned to help other countries design the best...

The authors perform a qualitative study of changing food habits in Humla, Nepal, based on outside factors like access to markets and work-for-food programs. They find that while a new road...

Keywords: Agriculture, Food security
Location: Nepal

An enhanced homestead food production (EHFP) program for mothers and children in Nepal resulted in lower rates of anemia at follow-up, compared to those who did not receive the...

Keywords: Anemia, Multi-sector
Location: Nepal

The effects of delayed umbilical cord clamping, compared to early clamping, on iron stores and anemia status in high-risk infants were studied in a randomized control trial in Nepal. The...

Keywords: Anemia
Location: Nepal

A 4-year longitudinal investigation reveals that a Heifer International intervention in Nepal was associated with significantly improved child anthropometry (related to the duration of...

Keywords: Agriculture, Nutrition-sensitive
Location: Nepal

This study compared models of the most nutritious version of a commonly consumed diet given locally available foods (“common diet”) in 3 agroecological zones of Nepal with the least...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Nepal

This year’s symposium focused on approaches to improving agricultural production, nutrition governance, the role of home food production on consumption, influences of mycotoxins on food...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Nepal

This study examined predictors of both initial and repeat micronutrient powder (MNP) coverage by comparing two delivery models piloted in rural Nepal: distributing MNPs by female community...

Keywords: Anemia, Micronutrient
Location: Nepal

This article profiles an FAO-led project designed to improve food security and nutritional status and decrease aid dependency in households in mid-western Nepal. The project focuses on...

Keywords: Food security
Location: Nepal

This Ag Sector Council event featured an update on a range of scientific advances that will directly impact the future of global rice supplies and the sustainability of intensive rice...

Location: Nepal, India, Bangladesh

This series of eight country case studies (Brazil, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Thailand) synthesizes and analyzes national policies in the area of...

This seminar featured representatives from two Feed the Future Innovation Labs discussing the mechanisms through which their research is being implemented. R. Muniappan of the Integrated...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Nepal

This paper examines the association between food insecurity and nutritional status of children and married women in Nepal using DHS data. There is a significant association between food...

Keywords: Food security, Malnutrition
Location: Nepal

Access event resources from the second SPRING, TOPS, and USAID webinar in a three-part series, Women's Empowerment and Men's Engagement: How a Focus on Gender Can Support Agriculture and...

See all resources from the 2014 Feed the Future Innovation Lab Council Partners Workshop, held March 10-11 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Workshop centered on the theme of “Scaling Up...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Nepal

Drawing on household survey data from Nepal, this paper investigates the impact of women’s empowerment in agriculture and production diversity on dietary diversity and anthropometric...