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SPRING organized field visits to a health facility and a community where participants received hands-on experience forming support groups and conducting group counseling

SPRING/Nigeria organized a five-day training of coaches to sensitize civil society organization staff and local government officials about community infant and young child feeding.

Location: Nigeria
Cross section of participants in the F-IYCF training

SPRING/Nigeria organized a five-day facility-based IYCF training to strengthen the capacity of health workers in secondary and tertiary health facilities in Otukpo, Benue State.

Location: Nigeria
Participants carrying out a one-on-one counseling at Family Health Clinic Area 2, Abuja

SPRING organized a five-day training of trainers to sensitize national and zonal stakeholders about community infant and young child feeding.

Location: Nigeria
The Permanent Secretary of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health, his Excellency Ambassador Bala Sani (in blue), alongside the SPRING Nigeria team, looks over the package of resource materials on IYCF.

For World Breastfeeding Week, SPRING is supporting the Government of Nigeria’s launch of a new National Infant and Young Child Feeding campaign to improve facility and community health...

Location: Nigeria
Participants of the National Stakeholder Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Materials Review Workshop

SPRING is building national capacity in Nigeria around infant and young child feeding with the aim of improving key practices that ultimately reduce stunting....


Participants carrying out a one-on-one counseling session at Family Health Clinic Area 2, Abuja

In 2013, the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health of Nigeria led a process to produce training materials on community infant and young child feeding. SPRING/Nigeria, which was involved in...


Screenshot of Counseling Cards

The main purpose of this study is to assess the effectiveness of the C-IYCF Counseling Package in improving IYCF behaviors in an environment supportive of its design, management, technical...

iycf support group member and baby

SPRING and its partners catalyze national-level dialogue around nutrition and advocate for more funding and prioritization of the nutrition agenda.

A drawing of a counseling session

SPRING provides technical assistance to partners rolling out the Nigeria Community and Facility Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Package for its use in uniform training and information...

Training Materials

The Nigeria IYCF Package

The Nigeria Community and Facility Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Package is a necessary tool to ensure uniform training and information sharing throughout Nigeria.


Map of Africa with numbers in the background

Evidence increasingly supports the hypothesis that maternal undernutrition, as well as in-utero and infant and young child undernutrition, increase the risk of developing nutrition-related...


Resource Review Summaries

The Developing Local Extension Capacity (DLEC) Project produced diagnostics of the extension systems in Bangladesh and Nigeria. These analyses take a critical and constructive approach to...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Bangladesh, Nigeria

The Sokoto and Keppi States’ Ministry of Health hosted a workshop to promote Iron Folic Acid (IFA) Supplementation as a protective measure against anemia for pregnant women and women of...

Keywords: Anemia, Supplementation
Location: Nigeria

Organizations that link the public and private sectors can benefit individual patients and health systems. These "intermediary" organizations have the ability to perform key health systems...

Location: Nigeria

This webinar highlighted the importance of an integrated nutrition-sensitive social protection system. Field examples are from Bangladesh, Zambia, Myanmar, and Nigeria.

Drawing on nationally representative data from Nigeria’s 2010-2011 General Household Survey Panel, the authors suggest that a 10 percent increase in agricultural productivity decreases the...

Location: Nigeria

This report presents new data measuring the gender gap in various aspects of agriculture in Africa. A particular focus on six countries— Ethiopia, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania and...

A collaborative report that identifies factors responsible for low-productivity among female-managed farms in Africa, with a particular focus on Ethiopia, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania,...

This study, which investigated consumption patterns of leafy vegetables in Nigeria, showed low levels of intake. ‘Ugwu’ was most preferred over other vegetables, including celosia,...

Location: Nigeria