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Ag2Nut sub-group meeting participants

After the ANH Academy Week meeting, an Ag2Nut Community of Practice Ethiopian sub-group was formed, maintaining a separate email list for the purpose of sharing Ethiopia-specific events,...

Keywords: Agriculture
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Livestock and Livelihoods: Measuring and Promoting Nutrient-Rich Value Chain Commodities

How do traditional market development activities orient their investments to not just improve sales or market share, but also encourage consumption of nutrient-rich commodities? And how can...

Keywords: Nutrition-sensitive, Agriculture
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Young children accompanied their mothers while they listened to Mrs. Maryam Adams, a C-IYCF Community Volunteer in Kasuwan Magani ward in Kajuru LGA, discuss complementary feeding. C-IYCF Community Volunteers were observed to ask support group participants to explain the illustrations to ensure that they understood the messages.

Join SPRING and UNICEF in this webinar to learn about the experience of scaling up the UNICEF C-IYCF counseling package and lessons learned from an evaluation of community infant and young...

Master farmer drying bissap

Join us on May 26th to learn about different Mission-level approaches to promoting multi-sectoral coordination and collaboration to support nutrition outcomes and what we’ve learned...

Role of Nutrition in the SDGs cover slide with title

In the April call of the Ag2Nut Community of Practice, participants discussed the role of nutrition in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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According to the World Health Organization, weekly iron and folic acid supplements (WIFS) should be viewed as a key intervention to prevent anaemia.

Keywords: Anemia, Supplementation
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Photo of a woman selling produce at a market

This webinar explored how the areas of potential convergence and tension create opportunities and challenges in the design and implementation of nutrition-sensitive agricultural market...

Keywords: Agriculture
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Mothers watching community video

Nutrition-related social and behavior change communication (SBCC) can help improve the nutritional status of children during the first 1,000 days.

WHO Tracking Tool screenshot

This webinar was be a step-by-step guide on how to use the tracking tool in exploring a national-level target to reduce anaemia among women of reproductive age applying the definition of...

Keywords: Anemia
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Two speakers, one from a programming and another from a research perspective on IFA use, will present their experiences on antenatal supplementation in Kenya.

Keywords: Anemia, Supplementation, Micronutrient
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Women's Empowerment Mitigates the Negative Effects of Low Production Diversity on Maternal and Child Nutrition in Nepal

In the December 2015 Ag2Nut call, the Community of Practice presented a synthesis of a set of eight new studies that empirically test, using data from Africa and South Asia, whether a...

Woman feeding three seated children

Webinar To Review Approaches for Integrated Nutrition Programs

Keywords: Thousand days
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An overview of the INGENAES project (Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agriculture Extension Systems)

The INGENAES project endeavors to build the capacity of both public and private institutions engaged in agriculture extension to provide gender-responsive and nutrition-sensitive advising...

One man looking into a camera on a tripod while a man and woman watch

Community Video for Nutrition Guide Highlights Experience Using an Innovative Community-led Video Approach from Digital Green and the SPRING Project

Soil  An essential ingredient to  healthy food and nutrition

Ronald Vargas and Lucrezia Caon from FAO’s Land and Water division described the various ways soils are fundamental for food and nutrition security, the current threats to soil health, and...

Keywords: Food security, Agriculture
Location: Online
Agricultural demonstration on planting groundnuts in rows

Micronutrient deficiency continues to undermine public health and prosperity in developing countries.

First slide of the Overview of the Special Section presentation

The June 2015 issue of the journal Food Security includes a special section: "Strengthening the links be

Keywords: Food systems, Agriculture
Location: Online
Ag2Nut Community Call: Livestock and Food Security: Does it Matter how Food is Produced?

One of the issues the Ag2Nut community has discussed is the need to make diverse, nutritious foods more available and accessible.

Keywords: Food security, Agriculture
Location: Online
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Understanding local contexts is critical to designing and implementing effective approaches to improve nutrition through agricultural programs.

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Since 2010, Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger) and a scientific committee led by a small group of researchers (Tufts University, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement,...

Keywords: Malnutrition, Agriculture
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Focus group

The webinar on Thursday, April 30, 2015 unpacked how two agricultural livelihoods and food systems investments strive to improve household nutrition

Keywords: Women's empowerment, Agriculture
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The April 23, 2015, Ag2Nut community call featured two new toolkits for gender in agriculture, food security, and nutrition.

Keywords: Gender, Food security, Agriculture
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Children sitting and eating at a table in a classroom

Anna Herforth, a lead author of the World Bank's SecureNutrition paper, presented an overview and unveiled a new ‘digital timeline’ online, letting audiences access the information in an...

Source: Tasnim Partapuri, JSI

The first session in this series, Using Demographic and Health Survey Data to Monitor and Evaluate Nutrition Programs, was jointly hosted with The Demographic Health Survey (DHS) Program...

A woman harvests buckwheat in Geling, Nepal.

Agricultural interventions are increasingly being integrated into health and nutrition programs and expected to contribute to improved health and nutrition.

Keywords: Multi-sector, Integration, Agriculture
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Harvesting Nutrition Celebration Banner

The Harvesting Nutrition Contest award ceremony on February 19, 2015 showcased three agriculture-nutrition

Keywords: Scale-up, Agriculture
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Growing Together: Using Experience from Burkina Faso to Define Intersectoral Integration

This webinar highlighted a recent SPRING qualitative study conducted in Burkina Faso, which examined the perspective of different stakeholders working in a nutrition-focused homestead food...

Keywords: Integration, Agriculture
Location: Online
Second International Conference on Nutrition

The December 2014 Ag2Nut Community of Practice call featured a discussion with Anna Lartey, Director of FAO's Nutrition Division, and Francesco Branca, Director of Nutrition for Health...

Keywords: Food systems, Agriculture
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World Food Center Presentation Diagram

The November 2014 AgNut Community of Practice call featured a report out on the first-ever agriculture-nutrition track at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2014, held in October 2014 in...

Keywords: Agriculture
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