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Photo of the three SPRING team members posing together.

SPRING participated in the CORE Group Global Health Practitioner Conference, delivering a presentation on engaging men for improved nutrition, and sharing research on hemoglobin measurement...

Photo of a group filming a community video.

SPRING’s community video approach in the Sahel places third in award that recognizes unique and compelling projects that impact real lives.


Image of a woman watering her crops with a large watering can.

This brief provides information about the status, trends, and drivers of malnutrition in Niger, and aims to inform the identification of core priorities for future programming and...

Location: Niger, Sahel


Photo of a man and a woman standing in a field of maize discussing something.

As they come back from the field, Mr. Mamane and his wife, who live in the village of Dan Fantoua in the Zinder region, talk about marrying their young [teenage] daughter. 

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel, Niger
Photo of a group of men and boys working with shovels and tools.

The video is shot in the village of N’Walla, in the commune of Tchadoua. After these discussions, men and women understand the mechanisms that can break the cycle of malnutrition.

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel, Niger
Photo of a group of women and children at a water well, collecting water in buckets.

The video is shot in the village of Zagawa Haoussa, in the Zinder region, and talks about ways to preserve cowpeas in order to fight against malnutrition and increase women’s economic power...

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel, Niger
Photo of a man in front of a straw wall.

The video features Mr. Zouberou who finds a group of friends talking about close pregnancies and birth spacing.

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel, Niger
Photo of a woman sitting with water containers in front of a wall.

 The chief explains that many people are drinking unsafe water, and that water purification is very important.

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel, Niger
photo of two men walking toward each other.

Mr. Hadi and his wife meet with neighbors and learn about growing and storing cowpeas. The women discuss how they have been able to cultivate cowpeas and practice warrantage to support the...

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel, Niger
Photo of two men standing in front of a stone wall.

This video is shot in the village of Mama, Zinder region. Mr. Aminou finds his pregnant wife at home cutting food for cooking and they discuss the consumption of camel meat. After...

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel, Niger
Photo of three women sitting on a blanket and talking.

This video is shot in the village of Kogoun Sheme, Zinder region. The steps of the preparation of the enriched porridge are presented. After speaking, the women understand the importance...

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel, Niger
a basket of local foods including several root vegetables, tomatoes, and cabbage

In the village of Naki Karfi, as Mr. Adamou comes back from the market, he runs into Lawali, and they talk about the consumption of locally-made nutritious foods. After the discussions, the...

We see the legs of a seated mother and baby with the main focus of the picture on a bowl of diverse fruits and vegetables she is feeding her child.

The men and women discuss how to reverse malnutrition and the urgency of treatment. 

A couple sits and talks about breastfeeding as the mother tries to keep the baby on the blanket.

The men and women discuss how continuous breastfeeding improves a child's health and development. 

Keywords: Breastfeeding, Community media
Location: Niger, Sahel
Four men kneel in a home garden full of vegetables. The man whose garden it is gestures towards the crops.

In this community video, the men and women work together to make a new garden and ensure more food is available for everyone.

Keywords: Community media, Home gardens
Location: Niger, Sahel
One man rests his hand on a cart full of grain being pulled by a draft animal. He and another man are speaking.

In this community video, villagers learn how to keep the children healthy even during a bad harvest. 

Keywords: Agriculture, Community media
Location: Niger, Sahel
A group of about 10 men and women are arranged in a semi-circle around some leafy greens while one man instructs them.

Following erratic rains, the village chief of Droum, in the commune of Miriah, talks to a group of men and women to find solutions to harvest shortages. The group calls on an agriculture...

Two men in the foreground and another in the background. The man on the left in the foreground holds a chicken while the man on the right gives it a shot.

The video is shot in the village of Atchélé, where we see men talking about Newcastle disease in chickens. 

Keywords: Community media
Location: Niger, Sahel
We see the side of a husband's head in the foreground. His wife is sitting with him and trying to contain a fussy baby who is attempting to squirm out of her arms.

Mr. Abaché and Aina go meet with the health worker. He explains to them the advantages of breastfeeding as a family planning method, and the process to choose the right method of...

Keywords: Community media, Family planning
Location: Niger, Sahel
Two women crouch over a pot on a fire. One woman is stirring the moringa in the pot.

Mr. Hamissou runs into Mr. Idi and his wife, Binta, who are coming back from the dispensary, and he informs the couple on the use of moringa to treat anemia. Idi follows his friend, who...

An outdoor play area. It is surrounded on four sides by a thatched wall. It is a small, sweeped, and tidy dirt area.

Mr. Moutari explains to them the importance of maintaining a clean family living environment. When one of the men, Mr. Issa, returns home, he educates his wife in turn. They also talk about...

Keywords: Handwashing, Community media
Location: Niger, Sahel
Three women sit companionably and talk. One woman holds an infant.

Mr. Yahaya decides to accompany his wife, Mrs. Arawa, to the health clinic. They live in the village of Tassoua Haoussa in the Zinder region of Niger. On the way back, the couple sees two...

Keywords: Breastfeeding, Community media
Location: Niger, Sahel
A husband walks several steps ahead of his wife as they exit a maternity health clinic.

Hadja visits her friend, Aichu, who tells her that she is feeling ill because she could be 3 months pregnant. Hadja recommends that Aichu go visit the health center as soon as possible....

Keywords: Community media
Location: Burkina Faso, Sahel
Two women, one holding a baby, sit and talk seriously.

In Pétéguersé, a village in the commune of Gorgadji, a child, Issa, strong and healthy, is admired by everyone in the village. A 7-month pregnant neighbor, Ouman, visits Issa’s mother,...

Four children sit outside and happily eat bananas

On her way back from the field, Delphine bumps into her friend Brigitte who asks why she has picked so many vegetables. Delphine tells her that it is not for a party, but instead, the...

Job Aids and Tools

Two men and a woman set up a shot in front of a hut with a video camera. A group of villagers watches from between the hut and a straw wall.

Videos made for the community by the community have proved to be effective in causing social and behavior change in Sahel. This document serves as a “road map” to implementing community...

Journal Articles

First page of article. Contains title and intro text.

This article explains how SPRING adapted and implemented the community video approach from pilot to scale in the resilience setting of the Sahel and examines challenges encountered and...

Keywords: Community media
Location: Burkina Faso, Niger, Sahel


dashboard that shows a map of Burkina Faso with the areas in which SPRING works highlighted in green.

SPRING is developing an interactive GIS mapping tool that allows users to view the geographic distribution and summaries of nutrition, WASH, and SBC activities in the Sahel, making...