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Three women sit in a group and admire a healthy-looking baby that one woman is holding.

A pregnant Seremaye and her husband visit their friends Denise and her husband. Seremaye asks Denise why her baby is so strong and healthy. Denise explains that at birth, she introduced...

A man and woman stand at opposite sides of the frame. The couple is in the process of handing a chicken from the woman to the man.

Salamata’s neighbor has lost her rooster and is looking for it. She tells Salamata that she is impressed that Salamata's husband supports her in building and managing their chicken coop. 

A man stands with arms outstretched and resting on the two poles of a tippy tap support. On the cross piece, hanging from the bar, is a jug of water. The man is building this tippy tap while a woman holding a baby looks on.

Helene stops by her friend Adji’s home. Adji notices that Helene’s child looks sick. Helene tells her that her baby suffers from diarrhea on and off. 

A woman leans over to use a tippy tap that is placed near a waist-high wall.

Delphine’s child is sick with diarrhea. Her friend Brigitte advises her that one must always wash her hands with soap, especially when cleaning a baby, to avoid spreading germs which may...

A mother looks on as her child eats a slice of watermelon

Celine visits her friend, Dapoa and notices all the nutritious meals her friend has prepared at home. Dapoa explains that providing complementary feeding and breastfeeding to her child from...

Two women instructing a new mother on breastfeeding

Health workers convince a new mother to practice exclusive breastfeeding despite the protests of the baby's grandmother.

Keywords: Breastfeeding
Location: Burkina Faso, Sahel
Diversification Alimentaire chez L'enfant à Partir de 6 Mois

Kiri, a community health worker, visits a family in his community. He is offered food, and asks why there is meat in the food for adults, but no meat in the food for the family's small...

A Wife and Husband sit on a rug and discuss the family's monthly food consumption

Four men discuss the harvest and the food shortage that always follows. A community advisor tells the men that they should discuss food consumption with their wives and divide the harvest...

Keywords: Food security
Location: Niger, Sahel
One woman teaches another about preventing diarrhea

The community health worker, Koni, is making house visits and finds a young child with diarrhea. The child’s mother, Larai, believes it is because the child is teething and does not take...

A woman speaks with a doctor at a health clinic

Hassan is preparing to go on a journey. His wife, Maimouna, goes to the health center for her prenatal visit, where a health worker gives her iron and folic acid tablets (IFA) and discusses...

Two women sitting on a rug and talking

Wasila does not feel well, so her mother-in-law and husband take her to the health center, where she learns that she is one-month pregnant. The health worker advises her on practices she...

Two women sitting on a rug reading a pamphlet

Chima runs into her neighbors on the way to the field, and her neighbor, Rakiya, explains that she is carrying a snack to the field for her baby to eat, even though her baby has already had...

Man standing while woman sits and cooks

While a woman is separating some food from the family meal for her young child, the community health worker (CHW) stops by.

Health worker and two new mothers sitting on a rug and talking

Zaru visits her friend Aicha, and asks how Aicha is able to combine successfully exclusive breastfeeding with her work.

A Good Start to Breastfeeding

A woman delivers at a health center and breastfeeds her baby immediately after the delivery.

Responsive Feeding is Possible

A woman prepares porridge for her baby, and asks her husband to feed the child while she goes out.

Men support handwashing in Maradi

Sahoura asks her neighbor, Mariama, why her children are less healthy than Mariama’s, even though Sahoura practices the 1000 days behaviors.


Participatory Community-Led Video Approach Catalyzes Social and Behavior Change for Nutrition

This poster explains SPRING's community video approach as part social and behavior change communication.

Engaging Entrepreneurs in Developing Community Videos for Nutrition

SPRING is addressing high rates of malnutrition through community video. A primary pillar of the SPRING/DG video approach is to involve the community early and throughout the process to...


This activity's objective was to test this indicator to measure feeding styles in the developing country context of Niger, and to provide learning to determine if this indicator could be...


Group watching a video projected on the wall

SPRING/Digital Green collaboration expands community video for improved nutrition and resilience in Niger

Location: Niger, Sahel
Local Voices for Change: Community Radio to Improve Nutrition in Burkina Faso

SPRING partners with leading international media firm to build resilience and local capacity to change nutrition behaviors.

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel


Woman in a radio station. Courtest of Development Media International

In 2013, the USAID Global Health Bureau asked SPRING to collaborate with and provide nutrition and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH)-related social and behavior change communication (...

Image of child sitting outside house

Qualitative research report conducted by Jody Harris (IFPRI) and Aaron Buchsbaum (SPRING). Examines a homestead food production activity carried out by HKI in Burkina Faso, using a series...

Keywords: Home gardens, Integration
Location: Burkina Faso, Sahel