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SPRING-trained mediators

This report presents findings from a quantitative study assessing the effectiveness of SPRING/DG’s community media approach and the value of the community video intervention for improving...

Location: Senegal
Photo of a group of smiling women wearing SPRING projects shirts.

This is the final country report for SPRING's two-year program in Senegal.


Photo of a woman smiling and holding up a piece of paper in front of a group.

In May, SPRING worked with KAWOLOR project staff in Senegal to share the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package.

Photo: SPRING/Senegal nutrition advisor, Mariam Sy, speaks to guests about SPRING’s accomplishments in nutrition, gender and hygiene at one of the stands set up to showcase project achievements.

SPRING/Senegal organized two close-out ceremonies to mark the end of 18 months of implementation – one in Kaolack and one in Dakar. Both ceremonies showcased the project’s work in nutrition...

Members of one of SPRING’s partner women’s groups pose for a photo outside of their community garden.

A USAID and SPRING team observed the results of SPRING’s partnership approach at the community level.

Dynaset-setal members speak during a village gathering to remind community members of key hygiene messages.

As part of SPRING/Senegal’s multi-sectoral nutrition strategy, hygiene monitoring teams known as dynaset-setal groups conduct regular home visits to ensure that households meet basic...

SPRING/Senegal SBCC Advisor Albert Boubane, standing in the bed of a truck, distributes water to participants before the hike.

On August 9, 2017, SPRING/Senegal and partner radio station Niombato FM organized a promotional hike in Toubacouta Village.

SPRING/Senegal staff and video hub members.

In May and June 2017, SPRING/Senegal organized capacity building workshops for community video hubs on video editing software and business management.

Success Stories

Photo of a child washing her hands with a tippy tap as several other children look on. Caption: "Children in the village of Touba Mourid have fun practicing proper hygiene by washing their hands at a special handwashing station or tippy tap."

SPRING trained Mariama and more than 250 other community members from 3 of Senegal’s 14 regions to establish and lead hygiene monitoring units. These units consist of 6-10 highly engaged...


Photo of a group of women and men gathering to look at a flyer on handwashing.

This video highlights learning and experience from SPRING's diverse community media portfolio through four key principles with examples of each principle in action, using various types of...

Four women and a man sit together around a tray of orange-fleshed sweet potato. One woman is telling the man about the benefits of eating the sweet potato.

In Sibinokho village in the Kaffrine Region of Senegal, women grow and eat a new kind of potato: the nutrient-rich orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP). Using a specially-timed technique, the...

Location: Senegal
A father grins at his infant. He holds the baby in his lap and supports its neck.

SPRING’s Gender Champion Approach aims to increase men and women’s partnership within the household in order to impact nutrition outcomes.

Two women stand in a field of crops. They are raising up a bowl of freshly picked vegetables together.

From sharing caregiving duties to pooling funds to buy farm equipment, people thrive when they work together toward shared goals. By partnering with local organizations in three regions in...

Two sets of hands place cut pieces of okra onto a shelf that is going into a drying rack.

Fanta visits her sister, Awa, who teaches her how to cook. She notices that her neighbor has a variety of preserved fruits and vegetables. Awa explained how she made the preserves when she...

Keywords: Nutrition-sensitive
Location: Senegal
A woman, dressed in orange, checks on her chicken coops.

Ever since she has been using improved poultry production practices, Ndèye Khady has improved her family’s nutrition and her financial autonomy. She can now help her husband with household...

Two women in bright dress talk and walk through one of the women's garden. It is green and lush and the plants stand taller than the women.

Thiane Dramé is a champion of agricultural diversification in Senegal’s Kaolack Region. By practicing improved poultry raising, planting bio-fortified millet crops, and cultivating a micro-...

Keywords: Agriculture, Nutrition-sensitive
Location: Senegal
A woman's hand with a gold bracelet on the wrist, holds a handful of maize over a large sack filled with maize.

Cheickh explains and encourages his cousin to participate in his farmer cooperative, which combines many individual farmers’ crops to sell in greater quantity and at higher prices. Buyers...

Keywords: Nutrition-sensitive, Agriculture
Location: Senegal
A chalk drawing on a wall of a mother breastfeeding her infant and pushing away someone's hand holding a bottle of milk.

An expecting mother and her mother-in-law visit the clinic for prenatal care. Aissatou, the midwife, uses the visit as an opportunity to talk about the benefits of early initiation of...

A man looks questioningly at a dish of sweet potato that his wife has made.

In Sibinokho village in the Kaffrine Region of Senegal, women grow and eat a new kind of potato: the nutrient-rich orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP). This variety of potato is rich in...

Keywords: Nutrition-specific
Location: Senegal
Three older women watch as a school-aged girl shows them how to use a tippy tap.

Ya Ngoné is a fish vendor and lactating mother who lives and works in Djilor, a village not far from the sea in Senegal. She is very careful about hand hygiene and is supported in these...

A man and his young son bend over a bowl to wash their hands. The father is teaching the son how.

El Hadj, a father in Senegal who cares about the health of his family, is very attached to his home. Knowing the importance of good hygiene in preventing illness like diarrhea, malaria, and...


A man sits at a desk in a radio station. He is broadcasting.

Starting in 2016, SPRING partnered with six local radio stations to produce and air 60-second spots on high-impact nutrition and hygiene practices.

Location: Senegal
Photo of a man and woman sitting on a mat outdoors, with the man holding their infant child.

Transforming sociocultural beliefs around gender roles is critical to better nutrition outcomes. As part of SPRING’s social and behavior change communication (SBCC) strategy, we piloted the...

Location: Senegal


Photo: SPRING/Senegal’s  Agriculture/Markets Officer, Mamadou Ba, holds up a photo of one of the cereal processing units that SPRING helped install in communities.

SPRING/Senegal organized two close-out ceremonies in Kaolack and in Dakar to showcase 18 months of implementation in the areas of nutrition-sensitive agriculture, SBCC, gender, and WASH.

A man and woman stand in front of the camera. The woman looks ahead, the man looks and smiles at their baby in his arms

The group visited one of SPRING’s partner radio stations, micro-gardens, and chicken coops, and observed a community video dissemination.

A trainee practices starting the motor of a cereal processor.

SPRING/Senegal trained six partner networks in Senegal on the technical and business elements of operating processing machines.

Training Materials

A woman holding a baby watches another woman use a tippy tap

La formation Dynaset-setal a pour principal objectif d’informer les cellules sur le lien entre l’hygiène et la nutrition, et de leur fournir les connaissances de base nécessaires pour...


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In Senegal, SPRING is improving nutrition among pregnant and lactating women and children under two with a coordinated training, communication, and support strategy. Through a multisectoral...

Location: Senegal
Drawing of woman surrounded with all of her responsibilities.

This SPRING/Senegal graphic illustrates a woman's numerous responsibilities in ensuring her family's health and good nutrition.

Location: Senegal

Job Aids and Tools

Abdou Dramé, chef de village, entrain de donner à manger à son fils en compagnie de son épouse, Ndèye Sakho. Thiaré (Kaolack)

L’objectif global de cette activité est de renforcer les capacités des membres des réseaux de producteurs agricoles et des réseaux de santé/nutrition communautaires sur la thématique genre...

Keywords: Women's empowerment, Agriculture
Location: Senegal


Resource Review Summaries

This synthesis document accompanies three case studies carried out by ENN in 2017 in Senegal, Nepal, and Kenya to document nutrition-sensitive and multi-sector program experiences with a...

The Micronutrient Initiative (MI), in collaboration with the Government of Canada, launched the Right Start program in Senegal, with the goal of reducing anemia in women and adolescent...

This webinar, hosted by the Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO) activity, shares how four Feed the Future projects in Sub-Saharan Africa have contributed to systemic change. These...

Keywords: Agriculture
Location: Rwanda, Senegal, Ghana, Zambia

This series of eight country case studies (Brazil, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Thailand) synthesizes and analyzes national policies in the area of...