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Four children sit outside and happily eat bananas

On her way back from the field, Delphine bumps into her friend Brigitte who asks why she has picked so many vegetables. Delphine tells her that it is not for a party, but instead, the...

Three women sit in a group and admire a healthy-looking baby that one woman is holding.

A pregnant Seremaye and her husband visit their friends Denise and her husband. Seremaye asks Denise why her baby is so strong and healthy. Denise explains that at birth, she introduced...

A man and woman stand at opposite sides of the frame. The couple is in the process of handing a chicken from the woman to the man.

Salamata’s neighbor has lost her rooster and is looking for it. She tells Salamata that she is impressed that Salamata's husband supports her in building and managing their chicken coop. 

A man stands with arms outstretched and resting on the two poles of a tippy tap support. On the cross piece, hanging from the bar, is a jug of water. The man is building this tippy tap while a woman holding a baby looks on.

Helene stops by her friend Adji’s home. Adji notices that Helene’s child looks sick. Helene tells her that her baby suffers from diarrhea on and off. 

A woman leans over to use a tippy tap that is placed near a waist-high wall.

Delphine’s child is sick with diarrhea. Her friend Brigitte advises her that one must always wash her hands with soap, especially when cleaning a baby, to avoid spreading germs which may...

A mother looks on as her child eats a slice of watermelon

Celine visits her friend, Dapoa and notices all the nutritious meals her friend has prepared at home. Dapoa explains that providing complementary feeding and breastfeeding to her child from...

Videographers film a woman and her child

Cette vidéo présente le processus et l’impact de l’approche de la vidéo communautaire pour la nutrition au Niger et au Burkina Faso.

Videographers film a woman and her child

This video shares the process and impact of SPRING’s community video approach for nutrition in Niger and Burkina Faso.

Hassya and her son eating

Hassya Ibrahim, a woman from Naki Karfi village in Niger’s Maradi Region, has been attending SPRING community video disseminations for 12 months.  In this video she shares how the video...


Man and child sit on a mat in Niger

This report explains how the community video approach can be used to strengthen spousal communication and improve male involvement in MIYCN behaviors.

Mahmud Hambali from Digital Green shows the process of storyboarding (with Save the Children SBCC advisor, Aboubacar Sale)

With this pilot project in the Maradi region of Niger, SPRING and DG evaluated whether the community video approach that was successful in India is feasible and acceptable in the resilience...


Participatory Community-Led Video Approach Catalyzes Social and Behavior Change for Nutrition

This poster explains SPRING's community video approach as part social and behavior change communication.

Engaging Entrepreneurs in Developing Community Videos for Nutrition

SPRING is addressing high rates of malnutrition through community video. A primary pillar of the SPRING/DG video approach is to involve the community early and throughout the process to...


Focus groups meet to answer questions from SPRING and FRI

SPRING/Guinea and FRI conducted an assessment to develop an interactive rural radio strategy that the SMARTE project can use to encourage nutrition-sensitive and specific practices.

Women look at SPRING learning materials

Gwyneth Cotes and Sascha Lamstein to share SPRING’s work at the Institutionalizing Community Health Conference 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic launches a Facebook page to reach urban communities with key nutrition messages. 

tippy tap demonstration

A local radio station attended a SPRING handwashing event in Thiokomaty village to capture messages for further radio promotion of good hygiene behaviors.

Presenting on the 1,000 Day Window of Opportunity

In partnership with the Ministry of Health’s Republican Center for Health Promotion, SPRING trained media representatives on how to better promote nutrition.

U.S. Congressional Delegation Visits SPRING/Senegal

Congressional staffers learn how partnerships are strengthening agriculture and improving nutrition.


Community members gather to watch a short skit on nutrition and hygiene best practices created by community members.

SPRING works with local partner organizations to train community members to shoot, edit and disseminate videos promoting best practices in nutrition and hygiene. Trained mediators then use...

Teams from the training practice what they learn by making a test video on making peanut butter.

SPRING/Senegal and Digital Green conducted a training on the production and dissemination of community video to promote high impact nutrition and WASH behaviors.


Filming a community video in Niger

The Sahel region of Niger is characterized by rural poverty and undernutrition, exacerbated by chronic climate extremes and associated crop failures.

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Two community members being filmed eating a delicious meal containing orange-fleshed sweet potato.

On January 26, 2017, members of a local community video production team shot a short video about the benefits of orange-fleshed sweet potato.

Grandmothers participating in a focus group sort cards of local foods into piles that indicate each food’s affordability locally.

SPRING, Digital Green, and VARRAT conducted formative research into nutrition-specific maternal, infant, and young children nutrition (MIYCN), hygiene, and nutrition-sensitive agriculture...

Presenting ideas at the training

In partnership with the Ministry of Health’s Republican Center for Health Promotion, SPRING trained 32 members of national media on how to better promote nutrition during a two-day Media...

Victor Pinga, SPRING Agriculture Advisor, facilitates a session on context-specific nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions.

SPRING co-facilitated and participated in a partners’ workshop and planning meeting for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)-funded randomized control trial (RCT) on community-...

Journal Articles

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Successful integration of nutrition interventions into large-scale development programmes from nutrition-relevant sectors, such as agriculture, can address critical underlying determinants...

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Resource Review Summaries

SPRING and Digital Green launched their Community Video for Nutrition Guide to help global agriculture and nutrition practitioners integrate community video for nutrition into their...

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Location: India, Niger