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The SPRING/Senegal team poses in front of Radio Niombata in Toubakouta.

Photos from the SPRING/Senegal team's visit with community radio partners in the Kaolack, Kaffrine, and Fatick regions.

Great Mothers Campaign

SPRING/Uganda launches new campaign to improve parents’ nutrition practices toward their young children.

A woman edits videos on a laptop

Under the SPRING/Digital Green model, a local NGO partner – VARRAT – working in Keonhjar District of Odisha, has produced 10 videos that showcase key nutrition and hygiene behaviors, often...

Keywords: Community media
Location: India


Group of women sitting in a circle outside

Happy #IWD2016! Learn how SPRING is empowering women through better nutrition.

Man demonstrates how to wash a child's hands

Featuring local community members, these videos aim to improve maternal, infant, and young child nutrition and hygiene practices.

Keywords: Community media
Location: Niger
Local Voices for Change: Community Radio to Improve Nutrition in Burkina Faso

SPRING partners with leading international media firm to build resilience and local capacity to change nutrition behaviors.

Keywords: Community media
Location: Sahel
Filming best WASH practices

SPRING and Digital Green announce public release of all 10 videos developed under their collaboration and feasibility study.

Keywords: Community media
Location: India


Mothers watching community video

Nutrition-related social and behavior change communication (SBCC) can help improve the nutritional status of children during the first 1,000 days.

One man looking into a camera on a tripod while a man and woman watch

Community Video for Nutrition Guide Highlights Experience Using an Innovative Community-led Video Approach from Digital Green and the SPRING Project

Global Health Mini-University

This annual one-day learning forum is celebrating its 14th year!

Photo of women watching a video indoors

On December 17, 2013, SPRING hosted a webinar focused on the Digital Green community-led video approach, and how nutrition can be integrated into this unique agricultural extension


In Uganda, we worked with the Ugandan government, UN agencies, and USAID implementing partners to develop the National Advocacy and Communication Strategy in support of the Uganda Nutrition...

Video dissemination group training

Since 2012, SPRING has been collaborating with its US- and India-based partner, Digital Green, in adapting their "human-mediated digital learning approach" for the promotion of key maternal...


Photo of women sitting in a circle

This Community Video for Nutrition Guide is a joint product of SPRING and Digital Green (DG), an international nongovernmental organization (NGO) registered in the United States and India....


Two women sitting on a rug reading a pamphlet

Chima runs into her neighbors on the way to the field, and her neighbor, Rakiya, explains that she is carrying a snack to the field for her baby to eat, even though her baby has already had...

Man standing while woman sits and cooks

While a woman is separating some food from the family meal for her young child, the community health worker (CHW) stops by.

Health worker and two new mothers sitting on a rug and talking

Zaru visits her friend Aicha, and asks how Aicha is able to combine successfully exclusive breastfeeding with her work.

A Good Start to Breastfeeding

A woman delivers at a health center and breastfeeds her baby immediately after the delivery.

Responsive Feeding is Possible

A woman prepares porridge for her baby, and asks her husband to feed the child while she goes out.

Men support handwashing in Maradi

Sahoura asks her neighbor, Mariama, why her children are less healthy than Mariama’s, even though Sahoura practices the 1000 days behaviors.

Basanti walking

This video features a testimonial from Basanti Mahji, a program beneficiary in Keonjhar, discussing the impact the videos from this collaboration have had on her life and the health of her...

Keywords: Community media
Location: India
women watching instructional video

Since 2012, SPRING has been collaborating with its US- and India-based partner, Digital Green, in adapting their "human-mediated digital learning approach" for the promotion of key maternal...

Keywords: Community media
Location: India
men with produce

This video is about importance of eating a diverse diet. Usually people in rural areas, due to lack of resources and knowledge, end up eating foods from one or two food groups.

women with young children

This video discusses the quantity and diversity of complementary food to be given to the babies from 6 to 24 months.

mother breastfeeding

This video discusses how a working mother can work and still continue to exclusively breastfeed her less-than-six-months-old baby.

Keywords: Community media, Breastfeeding
Location: India

Case Studies

baby with hands up

In Nepal, four in 10 children are stunted; one in three women and five in 10 children are anemic, and one in 10 children is wasted. Suaahara (“Good Nutrition”) is implementing a...

class learning

Poor farmers in low and middle income countries are often risk-averse and reluctant to adopt new methods of farming, since crop failure could potentially lead to extreme hardship. Digital...

Success Stories

Bibiana with her two granddaughters that she is raising.

At 57 years old, Bibiana is a seasoned Village Health Team member (VHT). She has served her community for over 30 years. She is a reputable “village doctor” and the first person whose...


Shooting video of food preparation

The success of Digital Green in increasing the adoption of agriculture practices has attracted interest from other sectors, including nutrition. In October 2012, SPRING began a...


Resource Review Summaries

SPRING and Digital Green launched their Community Video for Nutrition Guide to help global agriculture and nutrition practitioners integrate community video for nutrition into their...

Keywords: Community media, Integration
Location: India, Niger