Photo of two boys.

This short video is a brief overview of the work that SPRING has been doing in the Kyrgyz Republic since the project began in 2014.

A woman washes her hands at a tippy tap hung from a tree branch

Yate, a mother in Tindo, Guinea whose young child was up the night before, sick from diarrhea, learns from her neighbor about proper handwashing.

Keywords: Handwashing
Location: Guinea
Animated woman washing her hands in the kitchen

SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic works with media partners to develop and share videos on key nutrition messages across the country. This animated video encourages viewers to adopt improved...

Keywords: Handwashing
Location: Kyrgyz Republic
animated boy washing his hands outside after using the toilet

SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic works with media partners to develop and share videos on key nutrition messages across the country. This animated video encourages viewers to adopt improved...

Keywords: Handwashing
Location: Kyrgyz Republic
Animation of two boys with a thought bubble between them showing fruit under a water tap.

SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic works with media partners to develop and share videos on key nutrition messages across the country. This animated video shares the importance of properly washing and...

Animated boy with a thought bubble of himself washing his hands

SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic works with media partners to develop and share videos on key nutrition messages across the country. This animated video shares the importance of properly washing and...

A man and his young son bend over a bowl to wash their hands. The father is teaching the son how.

El Hadj, a father in Senegal who cares about the health of his family, is very attached to his home. Knowing the importance of good hygiene in preventing illness like diarrhea, malaria, and...

An outdoor play area. It is surrounded on four sides by a thatched wall. It is a small, sweeped, and tidy dirt area.

Mr. Moutari explains to them the importance of maintaining a clean family living environment. When one of the men, Mr. Issa, returns home, he educates his wife in turn. They also talk about...

Keywords: Handwashing, Community media
Location: Niger, Sahel
A man stands with arms outstretched and resting on the two poles of a tippy tap support. On the cross piece, hanging from the bar, is a jug of water. The man is building this tippy tap while a woman holding a baby looks on.

Helene stops by her friend Adji’s home. Adji notices that Helene’s child looks sick. Helene tells her that her baby suffers from diarrhea on and off. 

A woman leans over to use a tippy tap that is placed near a waist-high wall.

Delphine’s child is sick with diarrhea. Her friend Brigitte advises her that one must always wash her hands with soap, especially when cleaning a baby, to avoid spreading germs which may...


Photo of a mother holding her child wrapped in a blanket on her back.

During our three years of implementation, SPRING/Ghana carried out a successful multi-sectoral program to improve nutrition within the 15 districts of the Upper East and Northern regions...

Success Stories

Photo of a child washing her hands with a tippy tap as several other children look on. Caption: "Children in the village of Touba Mourid have fun practicing proper hygiene by washing their hands at a special handwashing station or tippy tap."

SPRING trained Mariama and more than 250 other community members from 3 of Senegal’s 14 regions to establish and lead hygiene monitoring units. These units consist of 6-10 highly engaged...

Photo of a man, Tengdo Kuzoba, standing by his latrine and tippy tap.

In rural Kpatia-Tengre, a 131-member community in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region of Ghana, a lack of latrines resulted in community members openly defecating around homes and...

Mst. Nurunnahar provides messages on handwashing practices and dietary diversity during her session.

Mst. Nurunnahar, the sub-assistant agriculture officer for the Department of Agricultural Extension in Babuganj upazila, has always been proud of her work, but before 2012, she did not view...

A 9 year old girl demonstrates proper handwashing technique.

In September 2016, RCHP health promoters began using SPRING materials to teach hygiene classes in Jalalabad and Naryn oblasts to first- through fourth-graders who range from 6 to 10 years...

Keywords: Handwashing
Location: Kyrgyz Republic
A man stands outside a round latrine structure with a thatched roof.

Residents of the Toroyili community of Ghana’s Tolon District now regularly practice the good hygiene they need for better nutrition and health. But that wasn’t always the case.


Photo of a group filming a community video.

SPRING’s community video approach in the Sahel places third in award that recognizes unique and compelling projects that impact real lives.

A graphic representation of a woman cleaning a yard of animal feces, disposing of the feces responsibly, and washing her hands with a tippy tap.

SPRING co-facilitated a session on implementation science with GAIN and the Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition at GWU’s Global Health MiniU in September 2017.

A man and woman stand in front of the camera. The woman looks ahead, the man looks and smiles at their baby in his arms

The group visited one of SPRING’s partner radio stations, micro-gardens, and chicken coops, and observed a community video dissemination.

Mariam Sy, SPRING/Senegal Nutrition Advisor, holds a microphone on stage in both hands and addresses the crowd gathered.

SPRING/Senegal co-organized a social mobilization event in Dinguiraye to raise awareness on how environmental hygiene can prevent malaria.


The video development team watches as a neighbor explains benefits of poultry raising for the family, “Small scale poultry farming at home can be beneficial for you and it can meet your short term financial needs.” Photo credit: Sarah Hogan, 2017

Under the UPAVAN project, SPRING and Digital Green create community videos promoting nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices in Odisha, India. This community video shows neighbors...

Dynaset-setal members speak during a village gathering to remind community members of key hygiene messages.

As part of SPRING/Senegal’s multi-sectoral nutrition strategy, hygiene monitoring teams known as dynaset-setal groups conduct regular home visits to ensure that households meet basic...

An overhead view of hundreds of event participants.

In April 2017, SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic and the Kyrgyz tele-radio company, Tumar, organized seven free concerts in seven townships—Jalalabad, Tash-Kumyr, Kara-Kul, Kochkor-Ata, Mailuu-Suu,...

Actors animatedly play their roles in the sketch by raising their arms and with pained expressions on their faces.

On World Malaria Day 2017, SPRING/Senegal organized a social mobilization event in Dinguiraye Commune with our partner, APROFES, and Senegal’s Unit for the Fight Against Malnutrition (CLM...

Training Materials

A woman holding a baby watches another woman use a tippy tap

La formation Dynaset-setal a pour principal objectif d’informer les cellules sur le lien entre l’hygiène et la nutrition, et de leur fournir les connaissances de base nécessaires pour...


Photo of a woman demonstrating hwo to properly use a tippy tap. Caption: Tippy tap demonstrations in Dinyogu Community and Primary School - in Gushiegu District.

SPRING’s “WASH 1,000” strategy promotes focused, evidence-based WASH behaviors to eliminate common fecal-oral contamination pathways in children during the first 1,000 days. The strategy...

Location: Ghana

Job Aids and Tools

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SPRING/Sierra Leone created a set of counselling cards that address key complementary feeding and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) behaviors for the Sierra Leonean context.

A young child grins at the camera as she washes her hands at a tippy tap.

The WASH 1,000 Photo-Aid depicts a series of behaviors centered on WASH. These behaviors are targeted at 1,000-day households, but the general population can also use them.

On one side of the ruler is a poem with key messages about the importance of hand washing, drinking clean water, and eating healthy foods to avoid illness. The other side of the ruler reminds children to wash hands with soap before eating, after visiting the toilet, after playing, and after coming home from school.

SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic has designed a ruler with key messages on preventing helminth infections to be distributed to primary school children.


Resource Review Summaries

Check out the early August update from the WASHplus community, with a special eye on hand washing—which is becoming increasingly discussed as a practical household behavior linked to good...

Keywords: Handwashing