tippy tap demonstration

A local radio station attended a SPRING handwashing event in Thiokomaty village to capture messages for further radio promotion of good hygiene behaviors.

Students wash their hands at tippy taps

In October 2016, SPRING/Bangladesh celebrated Global Handwashing Day with over 100 community activities.

U.S. Congressional Delegation Visits SPRING/Senegal

Congressional staffers learn how partnerships are strengthening agriculture and improving nutrition.

Two men and a woman look at informational literature

Program reaches 5,500 farmers with diverse nutrition-sensitive and -specific interventions in agriculture, health and water.


Hassaya and her child wash their hands

Hassya Ibrahim, une femme du village de Naki Karfi, dans la région de Maradi au Niger, a assisté aux diffusions de vidéos communautaires de SPRING pendant 12 mois. Dans cette vidéo, elle...

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Location: Niger
Four women making a hajol for chicken rearing.

This short video is a brief overview of the work that SPRING has been doing in Bangladesh since the project began in 2012.

Scene from video where students raise their hands to pledge to build handwashing stations at home

This short video features a group of adolescent students pledging to build handwashing stations in their households. Video taken at Kodaldhoya Government Primary School, Agailjhara upazila...

One woman teaches another about preventing diarrhea

The community health worker, Koni, is making house visits and finds a young child with diarrhea. The child’s mother, Larai, believes it is because the child is teething and does not take...

Journal Articles

First page of article. Contains title and intro text.

SPRING/Sierra Leone conducted trials of improved practices (TIPs) with 24 households in Tonkolili District to test nutrition-sensitive WASH behaviours and selected complementary feeding...

Success Stories

Officer Faridul Islam washes his hands with a tippy tap.

Officer Faridual Islam learned about the FNS practice of using tippy taps while on patrol near a FNS.

Union Facilitator Oloka Biswas speaks to a farmer nutrition school graduate and her family members.

Not many people can say they have a “Nutrition Sister” and a “Nutrition Brother.” In Bangladesh, participants in the farmer nutrition schools (FNS) implemented by SPRING, came to look...

Community activist Nazira Subankulova with the fresh produce she sells. After SPRING’s nutrition trainings, it is now in high demand.

As a volunteer, Nazira spends several hours a week visiting neighbors and hosting meetings to talk about nutrition based on what she learned from SPRING.


Members of a hygiene monitoring unit in Keur Socé, in Kaolack Department work on their action-plan to for how they will monitor hygiene in their communities.

SPRING works with local partners in agriculture and health to promote the uptake of improved hygiene practices such as regular hand-washing, the use of tippy-taps, and general household...

 Adolescent girls aged 12-17 review illustrations conveying information on dietary diversity during concept testing for nutrition and hygiene activities included in a training package geared towards OVCs.

SPRING partners with civil society volunteers to test key nutrition counseling concepts among orphans and other vulnerable children.

Teams from the training practice what they learn by making a test video on making peanut butter.

SPRING/Senegal and Digital Green conducted a training on the production and dissemination of community video to promote high impact nutrition and WASH behaviors.

Photo of women meeting together outside

SPRING/Mali trained 375 health staff in 20 villages in Mopti in ENA/EHA and formed 200 ENA/EHA support groups in the communities they serve

A community worker trains a group of people

By teaching about handwashing through water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) actions, SPRING/Mali helps contribute toward reducing rates of infection and ultimately, malnutrition.

A community activist meets with a group of people

SPRING is working at the community level to encourage social and behavior change around nutrition and hygiene, targeting 1,000 day households through various communication channels.


Former Minister and Current Member of Parliament Dr. Mojammel Hossain using a tippy tap

In October 2016, SPRING/Bangladesh celebrated Global Handwashing Day with over 100 community activities.

The string also connects to a foot controlled stick on the ground, which allows the jug to tip over to release a stream of water.

These pictures depict the construction and use of a tippy tap during a village training.


Woman spoon feeding a baby.

In November 2012, SPRING and Digital Green completed a qualitative study in purposely selected villages in Keonjhar district to identify current social and cultural determinants, practices...

Three women tending their crops

SPRING/Mali officially launched in December 2014 with the support of our lead implementing partner, Helen Keller International (HKI). USAID/Mali tasked us with improving the nutritional...

Woman and child washing hands using a Tippy Tap.

In June 2014, SPRING/Bangladesh conducted a tippy tap and handwashing study in 120 households in the Khulna and Barisal divisions of Bangladesh. Our primary objective with this study was to...

Job Aids and Tools

Poster image demonstrating toilet maintenance best practices

These handwashing and clean toilets leaflets were designed by SPRING in coordination with the Republican Health Promotion Center under the Kyrgyz Republic's Ministry of Healthcare.


Resource Review Summaries

Check out the early August update from the WASHplus community, with a special eye on hand washing—which is becoming increasingly discussed as a practical household behavior linked to good...

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