Success Stories

In Durgapur village, a farmer nutrition school graduate and her son tend to the chickens that produce important nutrients for their family.

SPRING has been supporting Durgapur’s FNS since 2012 to improve nutrition and hygiene for pregnant and lactating women and women with children under two through improved access to a more...

Woman holding and feeding her toddler

Determined to provide better nutrition and care for her baby, Dolly decided to enroll in a Farmer Nutrition School (FNS) in Bahadurpur in October 2013. Funded by USAID and implemented...

A community health care provider meets with a lactating mother at Atakathi Community Clinic.

In Bangladesh, seven million children suffer from stunting caused by undernutrition, which means that they are unable to develop to their full mental and physical potential. But one health...

Woman holding child standing with mother-in-law outside

Using a group-based learning model, Bangladesh’s Farmer Nutrition Schools (FNS) provide training that enhances access to diversified nutrient-rich vegetables, poultry, and fish for pregnant...

Aporna Shikder and her daughter use a tippy tap to wash their hands in rural Bangladesh.

Thanks to the FNS, which is implemented by SPRING, Ms. Shikder is getting more out of her poultry rearing operation after learning new techniques like providing vaccinations for healthier...


Woman selling produce at market

To combat undernutrition in the Kyrgyz Republic, SPRING is implementing a comprehensive, multisectoral program to influence 11 nutrition-related behaviors that are linked to stunting and...


The SPRING/Ghana 1,000 Day Household Approach

In Ghana, the SPRING 1,000 day household approach targets nutrition improvements to pregnant women and children 2 years of age and younger, paving a clear impact pathway for each activity.

Woman, man, and baby stand outside a hut with a tippy tap

Much of SPRING/Ghana’s work surrounds the WASH 1,000 approach, which promotes four key behaviors related to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) activities during the first 1,000 days, and...

A drawing of a counseling session

SPRING provides technical assistance to partners rolling out the Nigeria Community and Facility Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Package for its use in uniform training and information...

girl demonstrating use of tippy tap

SPRING is the first nutrition project to scale up tippy taps to rural communities in Bangladesh and is currently assessing the uptake of these practices and their likelihood to improve...


Group of people around a latrine

Through its WASH activities, SPRING is building awareness of how nutrition and hygiene are connected

Ms. Tonima Sharmin discussing the current state of handwashing in Bangladesh

SPRING/Bangladesh makes media appearances on local radio and television shows to talk about handwashing.

Children showing off their coloring for World Handwashing Day

SPRING joined the Government of Bangladesh, USAID, and other partners on the ground to mark Global Handwashing Day.


Screen capture of woman washing hands

Bangladeshi television channel Desh TV airs a public health show called ‘Jiboner Golpo’ (Life’s Story) in partnership with USAID and Voice of America.

Men support handwashing in Maradi

Sahoura asks her neighbor, Mariama, why her children are less healthy than Mariama’s, even though Sahoura practices the 1000 days behaviors.

woman demonstrating handwashing

This video is about benefits of hand washing with soap.


Three children demonstrating a tippy tap

SPRING joined the Government of Bangladesh, USAID, and other partners on the ground to mark Global Handwashing Day.

Boy washing hands with a tippy tap

Sisimpur has collaborated with SPRING/Bangladesh to prepare a live action segment on tippy taps with adolescent children as protagonists to promote hand washing.

Demonstration session at Jagodal Union Parishad

SPRING/Bangladesh is committed to advocating the importance of handwashing. As a central component of its work, SPRING works hand in hand with the Government of Bangladesh and with rural...

Job Aids and Tools

Mother feeding her child

SPRING developed and produced a Kyrgyz-language booklet for mothers entitled “Nutrition & Development of Children Under Two Years of Age,” in coordination with the government of the...

Girl washing her hands at a tippy tap

Handwashing with soap at critical times prevents families from getting diarrhea and other diseases. “Tippy taps” are simple (and usually free) devices that serve as a convenient access...

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Positive Unintended Consequences in Programs for Women’s and Child Nutrition in Bangladesh: Scaling Up Tippy Taps

Current knowledge suggests that including Essential Hygiene Actions in nutrition interventions has potential to contribute to better nutrition outcomes.


Resource Review Summaries

Check out the early August update from the WASHplus community, with a special eye on hand washing—which is becoming increasingly discussed as a practical household behavior linked to good...

Keywords: Handwashing