Mass media


Photo of a mother and her child looking over materials and receiving counseling from two health professionals

In this brief, we hope to help other programs embrace flexibility by discussing our experience adapting activities mid-way through a project.

Location: Kyrgyz Republic


Members of one of SPRING’s partner women’s groups pose for a photo outside of their community garden.

A USAID and SPRING team observed the results of SPRING’s partnership approach at the community level.

Two community members being filmed eating a delicious meal containing orange-fleshed sweet potato.

On January 26, 2017, members of a local community video production team shot a short video about the benefits of orange-fleshed sweet potato.

Presenting ideas at the training

In partnership with the Ministry of Health’s Republican Center for Health Promotion, SPRING trained 32 members of national media on how to better promote nutrition during a two-day Media...

A caregiver sharing her experience on how she successfully exclusively breastfed her twins.

World Breastfeeding Week 2016 was celebrated in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria with a press briefing event that brought together representatives from different media outfits,...

Boy washing hands with a tippy tap

Sisimpur has collaborated with SPRING/Bangladesh to prepare a live action segment on tippy taps with adolescent children as protagonists to promote hand washing.


Four women sit in a close group on benches outside. The woman at the center-front is holding a microphone up to the woman in the center-back.

SPRING/Guinea trained staff from community radio stations on developing effective interactive radio programming supporting nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices.

Focus groups meet to answer questions from SPRING and FRI

SPRING/Guinea and FRI conducted an assessment to develop an interactive rural radio strategy that the SMARTE project can use to encourage nutrition-sensitive and specific practices.

Presenting on the 1,000 Day Window of Opportunity

In partnership with the Ministry of Health’s Republican Center for Health Promotion, SPRING trained media representatives on how to better promote nutrition.

A caregiver sharing her experience on how she successfully exclusively breastfed her twins.

SPRING collaborated with the FCT Primary Health Care Development Board to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week with a press briefing.

Data collectors learning to use GPS.

SPRING interviewed 64 Micronutrient Powder users and distributors to identify successes understand barriers they face in using and distributing MNP.

Group of women sitting in a circle outside

Happy #IWD2016! Learn how SPRING is empowering women through better nutrition.

Ms. Tonima Sharmin discussing the current state of handwashing in Bangladesh

SPRING/Bangladesh makes media appearances on local radio and television shows to talk about handwashing.


A grandmother speaks with RIP FM radio about what she learned during a video dissemination about complementary feeding, and why she encouraged her son to join her at the screening.

SPRING/Senegal partners with six local radio stations to regularly produce and air 60-second spots on high-impact nutrition and hygiene practices.

Case Studies

baby with hands up

In Nepal, four in 10 children are stunted; one in three women and five in 10 children are anemic, and one in 10 children is wasted. Suaahara (“Good Nutrition”) is implementing a...

four people recording for a radio spot

Development Media International (DMI) implemented a cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) in Burkina Faso to measure the impact of mass media on child mortality.

woman holding baby

The intervention uses mass media, including television commercials, and community mobilization through social activities centered on women’s groups.


Woman in a radio station. Courtest of Development Media International

In 2013, the USAID Global Health Bureau asked SPRING to collaborate with and provide nutrition and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH)-related social and behavior change communication (...