Maternal, infant, and young child nutrition


Photo of two women writing notes at a table: The study team presented the implementation process, environmental and contextual factors that enabled and limited success of the Package, outcomes from training health workers and community volunteers in the Package, and impact on maternal knowledge, attitudes, and practices.

In collaboration with UNICEF and the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH), SPRING carried out an evaluation of the Community Infant and Young Child Feeding (C-IYCF) Counselling Package

Photo: SPRING/Senegal nutrition advisor, Mariam Sy, speaks to guests about SPRING’s accomplishments in nutrition, gender and hygiene at one of the stands set up to showcase project achievements.

SPRING/Senegal organized two close-out ceremonies to mark the end of 18 months of implementation – one in Kaolack and one in Dakar. Both ceremonies showcased the project’s work in nutrition...

Members of one of SPRING’s partner women’s groups pose for a photo outside of their community garden.

A USAID and SPRING team observed the results of SPRING’s partnership approach at the community level.

A group works together to practice proper breastfeeding techniques.

SPRING/Guinea conducted a training for Peace Corps health and agroforestry volunteers in Guinea on maternal, infant, and young child nutrition and nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices.

All of the workshop participants display their completion certificates.

SPRING trained community video and radio staff on maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) and nutrition-sensitive agriculture in Mamou, Guinea.


Thumbnail image of the group photo of meeting attendees.

In collaboration with UNICEF and the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health, SPRING carried out an evaluation of the Community Infant and Young Child Feeding (C-IYCF) Counselling Package in...

Image featuring icons accompanying the text: Planning and implementation of the C-IYCF Counselling Package, Skills and knowledge of health workers and community volunteers, maternal knowledge, attitudes and practices, and factors that enable or limit impact of the C-IYCF Counselling Package.

On January 31st, 2018 SPRING staff and consultant, on behalf of the study team, shared the findings from the evaluation of the C-IYCF Counselling Package in Nigeria with partners at the...

Photo of a group filming a community video.

SPRING’s community video approach in the Sahel places third in award that recognizes unique and compelling projects that impact real lives.

Roundtable participants stand in a line and smile at the camera

SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic hosted a round table event to disseminate findings from a series of four surveys, including gains in nutrition outcome indicators.

A group of artists gathers around the trainer who is demonstrating how to trace an image.

This workshop provided guidance on developing high-quality visuals for partner organizations in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

A man and woman stand in front of the camera. The woman looks ahead, the man looks and smiles at their baby in his arms

The group visited one of SPRING’s partner radio stations, micro-gardens, and chicken coops, and observed a community video dissemination.

One man kneels and looks at the screen of a video camera. Two women and two men lean over his shoulder to also see the screen.

SPRING shared its SPRING/Guinea Social and Behavior Change (SBC) approaches at the ICTforAg 2017 conference during a session entitled "Multi-Channel Communications in Hard-to-Reach Places."

Accepting an award

SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic supports three new facilities in Naryn and Jalalabad to receive Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative certification.

A group of fathers sits in chairs under a tree while one man uses a flip chart of good health behaviors to conduct a training.

Father-to-Father support groups encourage men to take an active role in the health and nutrition of their families.

Women look at SPRING learning materials

Gwyneth Cotes and Sascha Lamstein to share SPRING’s work at the Institutionalizing Community Health Conference 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Success Stories

Photo of a mother, her child, and a nurse at a health facility looking at information on nutrition. Caption: "Mairam Usupova, Head Nurse at the Family Group Practice in Naryn, counsels a mother on maternal nutrition and dietary diversity.

In 2015, the USAID-funded SPRING project began working with the MOH to improve infant and young child feeding (IYCF) and anemia counseling for patients in health facilities in Naryn and...



A grandmother helps her young granddaughter eat her food with a spoon.

During 2014–2017, SPRING undertook four surveys in the target areas to gain knowledge on the current status of a range of indicators related to the nutrition practices among women and...

Location: Kyrgyz Republic
Figure 2: Dietary Diversity Score of Women

To better understand which behaviors were changing and which behavior changes were sustained following the end of the direct FNS intervention, SPRING undertook a mixed-methods cohort study...

Location: Bangladesh


A Bangladeshi woman sits on a blanket with her two young children. There is a plate of food on the blanket and she is holding out her hand with food in it to feed the younger child.

To measure changes plausibly brought about by the FNS program when implemented at scale, this study surveyed a cohort of women who participated in the FNS curriculum beginning in November...

A mother holds her baby up in the air. Both look happy. The mother smiles at the baby. The baby smiles at the camera.

SPRING implemented an innovative, scalable, and sustainable community-based, multi-channel, integrated nutrition program between April 2012 and June 2017 in Bangladesh.


A father grins at his infant. He holds the baby in his lap and supports its neck.

SPRING’s Gender Champion Approach aims to increase men and women’s partnership within the household in order to impact nutrition outcomes.

Photo to Illustration Tutorial intro slide

This tutorial demonstrates the steps of the technical process, from reference photography to line drawing, color, volume, patterns, and a final image for layout. Both program managers and...

We see the legs of a seated mother and baby with the main focus of the picture on a bowl of diverse fruits and vegetables she is feeding her child.

The men and women discuss how to reverse malnutrition and the urgency of treatment. 

Videographers film a woman and her child

Cette vidéo présente le processus et l’impact de l’approche de la vidéo communautaire pour la nutrition au Niger et au Burkina Faso.

Videographers film a woman and her child

This video shares the process and impact of SPRING’s community video approach for nutrition in Niger and Burkina Faso.

Hassya and her son eating

Hassya Ibrahim, a woman from Naki Karfi village in Niger’s Maradi Region, has been attending SPRING community video disseminations for 12 months.  In this video she shares how the video...


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