Maternal nutrition


Photo of men and women reaching out and cutting a blue ceremonial ribbon.

SPRING's partnerships with local NGOs to promote UNICEF's IYCF Package, paired with evidence of its effectiveness, spurs government uptake beyond the life of the project

Image displaying a cascading stack of the front pages for the three articles.

Key participants of the Micronutrient Powders Consultation wrote a series of three articles to discuss and elevate the literature on micronutrient powder implementation research.

A group of women attending a handwashing seminar.

The Kyrgyz Republic national deworming working group, with SPRING support, developed a new clinical protocol for prevention and treatment of helminth infection.

SPRING/Senegal Gender Advisor Daba Ndione Beye interacts with training participants.

SPRING/Senegal organized a workshop for representatives of partner networks to raise awareness on gender issues and promote men and women as partners in household decision-making for good...

Presenting on the 1,000 Day Window of Opportunity

In partnership with the Ministry of Health’s Republican Center for Health Promotion, SPRING trained media representatives on how to better promote nutrition.


Cover image of the poster: Eat fine fish for welbodi, featuring images depicting preparing and eating fish.

The poster was pretested in rural communities and finalized for use in local markets to promote the supply of hygienic fish while HKI and the Ministry of Health are actively promoting the...

Keywords: Fish, Maternal nutrition
Location: Sierra Leone


A health worker, pregnant woman, and the pregnant woman's husband sit together on a bench and talk.

Tenin is a pregnant woman in Tindo, Guinea. One day, the local community health worker (CHW) stops by her compound and speaks with her and her husband. The CHW tells Tenin’s husband that he...

Keywords: Maternal nutrition
Location: Guinea
Woman leading a Farmer Nutrition School in Bangladesh

SPRING pioneered the community-based farmer nutrition schools (FNS) approach to promote the production of nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, and animal source foods at the household level...

A woman speaks with a doctor at a health clinic

Hassan is preparing to go on a journey. His wife, Maimouna, goes to the health center for her prenatal visit, where a health worker gives her iron and folic acid tablets (IFA) and discusses...


All of the workshop participants display their completion certificates.

SPRING trained community video and radio staff on maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) and nutrition-sensitive agriculture in Mamou, Guinea.

Presenting ideas at the training

In partnership with the Ministry of Health’s Republican Center for Health Promotion, SPRING trained 32 members of national media on how to better promote nutrition during a two-day Media...

Job Aids and Tools

A doctor counsels a woman holding a baby on proper nutrition

This module is intended to prepare facilitators/trainers with technical knowledge and skills to train doctors and nurses about adolescent and women’s nutrition and anemia throughout the...

Success Stories

Aminci Support Group members contribute money to a common pool of funds that can be used to increase the diversity of foods eaten by their families.

To bring better infant and young child feeding practices to caregivers like the ones in Kajuru Ward, the FMOH—with support from UNICEF—is rolling out the C-IYCF Counselling Package. As part...


Group of women sitting outside

In 2013, the USAID Global Health Bureau asked the SPRING project to collaborate with the Resilience and Economic Growth in the Sahel–Enhanced Resilience (REGIS-ER) project,in providing...


Improving the Diet and Eating Practices of Adolescent Girls

Webinar on the current nutritional status and practices of adolescent girls globally, and why investments in their health and well-being are crucial to improve nutrition worldwide.

Source: Tasnim Partapuri, JSI

The first session in this series, Using Demographic and Health Survey Data to Monitor and Evaluate Nutrition Programs, was jointly hosted with The Demographic Health Survey (DHS) Program...


A community activist meets with a group of people

SPRING is working at the community level to encourage social and behavior change around nutrition and hygiene, targeting 1,000 day households through various communication channels.

Two women smiling during training

SPRING conducts trainings for health care providers to improve the quality and quantity of nutrition services and counselling throughout the Kyrgyz Republic.

A drawing of a counseling session

SPRING provides technical assistance to partners rolling out the Nigeria Community and Facility Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Package for its use in uniform training and information...

Resource Review Summaries

In this study, the authors tested the effectiveness of iron-biofortified beans to improve the iron status of women in Rwanda. The authors found an increase in hemoglobin and body iron...

This study examines the relationship between the price of maize and low birth weight to help quantify the impact of local food prices on one outcome of household food insecurity. The...