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This short video is a brief overview of the work that SPRING has been doing in the Kyrgyz Republic since the project began in 2014.


Training event in Kyrgyzstan

Policies can make a big impact on a country’s progress toward ending malnutrition, including both undernutrition and overweight, obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Keywords: Food systems, Obesity/overweight
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Case Studies

baby eating

Prospera, formerly known as Progresa or Oportunidades, is a national conditional cash transfer program. EsIAN is a pilot program within Prospera that aims to strengthen Prospera’s health...

Resource Review Summaries

A common fallacy is that obesity is almost exclusively caused by individual choices. While personal choice is certainly a factor, it is not the most significant one. More evidence shows...

Keywords: Obesity/overweight

This review begins by teasing out the differences between food insecurity and nutrition insecurity and moves on to examine research linking early life undernutrition and later risk of...

ODI’s Future Diets includes a 100+ page data-rich report, as well as a set of infographics that trace how the changes in diet—more fat, more meat, more sugar, and bigger portions--have led...

Keywords: Obesity/overweight

Journalist and critic of the US nutrition architecture writes "Here’s another possibility: The 600,000 articles—along with several tens of thousands of diet books—are the noise generated by...

Keywords: Obesity/overweight