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This guide is written for government staff, USAID missions, and implementing partners interested in improving the quality of nutrition-related services delivered at various levels and by a...

The Continuum of Scale-Up

This brief is the first in a series of "interim" technical briefs, culminating in a final two-year study report in 2015. It focuses on findings from SPRING's baseline interviews with key...

Location: Uganda
Children in a nutrition SBCC program in Tajikistan

SPRING has drawn from various definitions of scale-up in development-related literature to draft a definition that captures its key elements. This proposed definition is intended to lay out...


DFN representative giving a welcome speech at the learning event

SPRING/Sierra Leone and HKI hosted an event to share findings from a barrier analysis, an adapted value chain analysis of fish and pumpkin consumption, and an assessment on infant feeding...

Data collectors learning to use GPS.

SPRING interviewed 64 Micronutrient Powder users and distributors to identify successes understand barriers they face in using and distributing MNP.


Holding up smaller oil sachets

Levi Jean Kabatabarukye, the Quality Control Manager at BIDCO, shares the company's rationale for selling fortified oil in small sachets.

Keywords: Anemia, Fortification, Scale-up
Location: Uganda
Walking through the BIDCO factory

Levi Jean Kabatabarukye, the Quality Control Manager at BIDCO, describes the USAID-funded SPRING project's efforts to support industrial fortification in Uganda.

Keywords: Anemia, Fortification, Scale-up, Policy
Location: Uganda
Screen capture of Strategic Agenda for At-Scale SBCC video

This video lays out the five-point strategic agenda that emerged from the event, Designing the Future of Nutrition Social and Behavior Change Communication: How to Achieve Impact at Scale.

Screen capture of Designing the Future of Nutrition SBCC: How to Achieve Impact at Scale video

This video was produced in conjunction with the event, Designing the Future of Nutrition Social and Behavior Change Communication: How to Achieve Impact at Scale, which brought a broad...


BIDCO: Happy, Healthy Living sign

This past January, I visited the BIDCO factory with two colleagues from the SPRING/Uganda office for a first-hand look at how SPRING’s upstream work with the fortification industry helps to...

Keywords: Anemia, Fortification, Scale-up, Policy
Location: Uganda


Master farmer drying bissap

Join us on May 26th to learn about different Mission-level approaches to promoting multi-sectoral coordination and collaboration to support nutrition outcomes and what we’ve learned...

Harvesting Nutrition Celebration Banner

The Harvesting Nutrition Contest award ceremony on February 19, 2015 showcased three agriculture-nutrition

Keywords: Scale-up, Agriculture
Location: Online
How to Achieve Impact at Scale

SPRING is engaging in a unique partnership to move social and behavior change communication (SBCC) to the top of the nutrition agenda.

Keywords: Scale-up
Location: United States, Washington, DC
Screenshot of part of a presentation by Kenneth H. Brown

SPRING is pleased to have participated in the 20th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN), held from September 15-20, 2013, in Granada, Spain. The goal of the Congress was to join...


Graph of donor funding

Financing is a key piece of any effort to improve nutrition at scale. In its recently-released Nutrition Strategy (link is external), USAID highlights the importance of financial systems,...

healthy foods spread

SPRING/Uganda has worked closely with the Nutrition Secretariat in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) overseeing the implementation of the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) to scale...

Keywords: Scale-up, Anemia
Location: Uganda


SBCC strategic agenda

This report presents a strategic agenda for nutrition Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) to streamline priorities and investments by nutrition stakeholders in order to maximize...

Case Studies

Woman with child

A&T implements multi-component programs that make strategic use of data to plan, assess, and evaluate program impact to improve child feeding practices. The aim is to disseminate the...


Understanding Scale-Up for More Purposeful and Effective Use of Systems Thinking to Improve Nutrition

SPRING conducted research to understand how implementers understand scale-up and how that understanding may be shaping the way nutrition work is being carried out.

Keywords: Scale-up
Positive Unintended Consequences in Programs for Women’s and Child Nutrition in Bangladesh: Scaling Up Tippy Taps

Current knowledge suggests that including Essential Hygiene Actions in nutrition interventions has potential to contribute to better nutrition outcomes.

Resource Review Summaries

The United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) is the food and nutrition policy harmonization forum of the United Nations. The mandate of the UNSCN is to promote...

Keywords: Malnutrition, Scale-up

The 2013 Lancet nutrition series argues that in order to achieve global targets for reducing undernutrition, there needs to be a multi-sectoral approach to include scaled-up, proven...

This paper documents the Alive & Thrive project’s efforts to scale-up infant and young child feeding interventions in three countries from 2009 to 2013. Systems strengthening is seen as...

In recent years, the concept of "scaling up nutrition" has become routinely espoused within the nutrition community. However, with such proliferation, there is a need for greater coherence...

Keywords: Scale-up