Photo of a group of women in medical coats pointing to charts on a wall.

We developed this brief, which explores SPRING’s work in the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as a companion brief on our work in Ghana for designers and implementers of multi-sectoral nutrition...

Location: Kyrgyz Republic


Photo of men and women reaching out and cutting a blue ceremonial ribbon.

SPRING's partnerships with local NGOs to promote UNICEF's IYCF Package, paired with evidence of its effectiveness, spurs government uptake beyond the life of the project

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In collaboration with UNICEF and the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health, SPRING carried out an evaluation of the Community Infant and Young Child Feeding (C-IYCF) Counselling Package in...

SPRING, GHS training of District Health Staff on anemia curriculum in Tamale. Taken during a session on iron-, vitamin A- and vitamin C-rich food.

SPRING/Ghana is supporting the Ghana Health Service in building the capacity of its health workers and community health volunteers of the Northern Region to tackle the major public health...

VSLA group members purchasing shares.

SPRING/Ghana uses VSLAs so mother-to-mother support groups can improve their economic status with savings and loans to meet immediate needs.

DATA training of trainers participants

SPRING/Ghana conducted a training of trainers workshop for district-level trainers to implement the District Assessment Tool for Anemia.

A group of women attending a handwashing seminar.

The Kyrgyz Republic national deworming working group, with SPRING support, developed a new clinical protocol for prevention and treatment of helminth infection.

SPRING/Senegal Gender Advisor Daba Ndione Beye interacts with training participants.

SPRING/Senegal organized a workshop for representatives of partner networks to raise awareness on gender issues and promote men and women as partners in household decision-making for good...

SPRING’s Pathways to Better Nutrition (PBN) team member Madhukar B. Shrestha (top, second from right) recently attended the Public Finance for Nutrition in Asia (PF4N) workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of the larger Nepali delegation.

SPRING’s PBN Case Study supported the Nepali Delegation at the Public Finance for Nutrition in Asia (PF4N) workshop.

Madhukar B. Shrestha presents the results of the PBN study in Nepal

The PBN case study provides insights into funding processes for nutrition and engages key stakeholders to use data for decision-making in Nepal.


SPRING/Senegal staff and video hub members.

In May and June 2017, SPRING/Senegal organized capacity building workshops for community video hubs on video editing software and business management.

Participants listen attentively as facilitators elaborate on the importance of women’s empowerment as it relates to nutrition.

SPRING/Senegal organized a workshop for representatives of partner networks to raise awareness on gender issues and promote men and women as partners in household decision-making for good...


A community activist meets with a group of people

SPRING is working at the community level to encourage social and behavior change around nutrition and hygiene, targeting 1,000 day households through various communication channels.

Woman standing at a vegetable stall at market

SPRING works to identify, and promote the adoption of, proven technologies for increased preservation and storage of foods rich in iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc.


Use of Aggregated Lot Quality Assurance Sampling Methods in Uganda to Provide Implementation-Relevant Evaluation Data

Data collection for monitoring and evaluation of international development projects can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. SPRING/Uganda adapted Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS...

A2Z Resources

Once Upon a Partnership: A Model for Sustainable Fortification Interventions

This case study provides some historical background on a partnership the Ugandan Government’s public private partnership to fortify food.

Keywords: Sustainability
Location: Uganda

Resource Review Summaries

The latest Global Nutrition Report explores nutrition benchmarks through the framework of the SDGs, noting that a significant population has been left behind from the recent improvements to...

The Symposium, held in Bangkok in October 2017, sought to enhance agriculture and food systems' visibility, create policy and program options, promote sustainable diets, and build...

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This MPEP Seminar Series event featured a presentation from Richard Kohl, a scaling expert currently assisting USAID Bureaus and Missions in thinking about how to scale technologies and...

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The FAO recently released its proposals for the post-2015 sustainable development goals, elaborating 31 indicators and 14 ‘themes’ that cross food security, nutrition, sustainable...

This article brings together six case studies, of programs using local markets to advance global health technologies. One study focuses on a fortified rice product rolled out in Brazil (...

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Location: Brazil

According to a UN special rapporteur, a loss of agrobiodiversity, accelerated soil erosion, and pollution of fresh water from the overuse of chemical fertilizers resulting from the green...

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