Job Aids and Tools

Figure 1. The SPRING Framework for Applying Systems Thinking to Nutrition

In 2015, SPRING developed a simple framework for applying systems thinking to nutrition-related actions (figure 1), built off the work in USAID’s paper on local systems (2014b), the United...

Farmers drying groundnuts pods on a tarpaulin – Yendi District

This instructional-based training video was developed by SPRING/Ghana as a job aid for agriculture extension agents (AEAs) to engage groundnut farmers in northern Ghana on some selected...


Photo of a woman smiling and holding up a piece of paper in front of a group.

In May, SPRING worked with KAWOLOR project staff in Senegal to share the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package.

Illustration where a woman makes a purchase from a vendor

Participants’ work from SPRING’s Photo-to-Illustration workshop in Guinea highlight the technique’s uses for high quality visual materials.

Twelve agents were trained in video production. One is a professional videographer.

SPRING/Guinea provided training on production and dissemination of community videos for MIYCF, hygiene, and nutrition-sensitive agriculture to community agents in Faranah and Mamou, Guinea.

Victor provides guidance to Oury Barry, IT Manager for Peace Corps Guinea, on Photoshop skills.

SPRING facilitated a training on the photo-to-illustration process for 16 participants in Conakry, Guinea.

A group works together to practice proper breastfeeding techniques.

SPRING/Guinea conducted a training for Peace Corps health and agroforestry volunteers in Guinea on maternal, infant, and young child nutrition and nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices.

All of the workshop participants display their completion certificates.

SPRING trained community video and radio staff on maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) and nutrition-sensitive agriculture in Mamou, Guinea.

Participants and trainers pose for a group photo.

From May 4-8, 2017, SPRING/Senegal trained six partner networks in Senegal on the technical and business elements of operating machinery that can be used to lower the burden of post-harvest...

Staff participants discuss improved technologies within the rice value chain.

SPRING tested a nutrition-sensitive agriculture training curriculum with staff from Feed the Future’s SMARTE for the AVENIR program in Guinea.

Training Materials

Illustrated image of a man and woman walking near a stream.

These materials were created specifically for the SPRING nutrition-sensitive agriculture training in Odisha, India based upon the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training package.

Photo of three women looking at the toolkit materials.

This toolkit is designed to provide program implementers with training session modules, job aids, and social and behavior change communication (SBCC) materials to help community volunteers...

Photo credit: SPRING/Kyrgyz Republic. Two women sitting and talking in a large room with others doing the same. One woman holds cards about nutrition and is counselling the other women who is holding a realistic baby doll and practicing the proper way to hold an infant.

This guide provides facilitators with the technical knowledge and skills they need to help supervisors mentor health workers who provide infant and young child feeding (IYCF) counselling.


Photo of a group of people sitting at a panel: Participants attend a two day training on the linkages between agriculture and nutrition.

On April 5-6, SPRING conducted a workshop with the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University on understanding the linkages between agriculture and nutrition in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Photo of a group of women.

SPRING presented at the 1,000 Days Advocacy Working Group Meeting on six years of work highlighting gender equity for improved nutrition.

Thumbnail image of the group photo of meeting attendees.

In collaboration with UNICEF and the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health, SPRING carried out an evaluation of the Community Infant and Young Child Feeding (C-IYCF) Counselling Package in...

Photo of farmers, close up, working in the ground with his hands, behind him, two men are tilling the ground, tools held high to swing down into the grass. Photo credit: Feed the Future.

Key stakeholders explore SPRING’s newest training, Accelerating Behavior Change for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture.

Image displaying a cascading stack of the front pages for the three articles.

Key participants of the Micronutrient Powders Consultation wrote a series of three articles to discuss and elevate the literature on micronutrient powder implementation research.

A group of artists gathers around the trainer who is demonstrating how to trace an image.

This workshop provided guidance on developing high-quality visuals for partner organizations in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Four women sit in a close group on benches outside. The woman at the center-front is holding a microphone up to the woman in the center-back.

SPRING/Guinea trained staff from community radio stations on developing effective interactive radio programming supporting nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices.

A group of fathers sits in chairs under a tree while one man uses a flip chart of good health behaviors to conduct a training.

Father-to-Father support groups encourage men to take an active role in the health and nutrition of their families.

A trainee practices starting the motor of a cereal processor.

SPRING/Senegal trained six partner networks in Senegal on the technical and business elements of operating processing machines.

A man tapes documents to a yellow wall.

SPRING/Guinea tested and refined a nutrition-sensitive agriculture training package.

SPRING, GHS training of District Health Staff on anemia curriculum in Tamale. Taken during a session on iron-, vitamin A- and vitamin C-rich food.

SPRING/Ghana is supporting the Ghana Health Service in building the capacity of its health workers and community health volunteers of the Northern Region to tackle the major public health...

VSLA group members purchasing shares.

SPRING/Ghana uses VSLAs so mother-to-mother support groups can improve their economic status with savings and loans to meet immediate needs.

DATA training of trainers participants

SPRING/Ghana conducted a training of trainers workshop for district-level trainers to implement the District Assessment Tool for Anemia.


Photo to Illustration Tutorial intro slide

This tutorial demonstrates the steps of the technical process, from reference photography to line drawing, color, volume, patterns, and a final image for layout. Both program managers and...

Success Stories

A heath worker plots a child's growth on a chart.

In 2015, SPRING pinpointed inaccurate and incomplete records as a weakness of community-based health planning and services (CHPS) facilities in northern Ghana.

Sefali Begum prepares the vermicomposting bed for her successful homestead garden in Barisal, Bangladesh.

Sefali Begum learned about vermicomposting through FNS and was able to grow vegetables in her home garden.


A group of people looking at maps laid out on the table

SPRING provides technical support to the Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Health (MoH) to develop national guidelines related to anemia prevention and control, as well as prevention and...


Resource Review Summaries

The Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services has developed The New Extensionist: a global view of extension and advisory services (EAS) that reinvents and clearly articulates the role of...

Keywords: Agriculture, Training

Feed the Future highlights an INGENAES training on integrating gender within agricultural value chain and agro-enterprise initiatives held December 7-9, 2016 at Mukono Zonal Agricultural...

On January 30, 2016, Peru’s Ministry of Health came together with the Ministry of Education for an event on anemia prevention. The event targeted mothers who coordinate communal kitchens in...

Nutrition training of health and agriculture workers is critical to reduce child undernutrition. This manual, available in English and Amharic, equips health and agriculture workers at the...

This online training course on pathways and program design developed by USAID Global Health and the Bureau for Food Security introduces professionals to nutrition-sensitive agricultural...

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) hosted an intensive training at its Rome headquarters in July 2014, with the goal of ‘growing’ a pool of experts able to capably...

Resources include a GFRAS/World Bank report on strengthening linkages of nutrition within extension and advisory services, ACDI/VOCA factsheets on nutrition integration, reports on...