Multi-sectoral Anemia Platforms Strengthening (MAPS)

SPRING supports country-driven efforts to sustain multi-sectoral anemia platforms, develop anemia related guidelines, and build capacity. SPRING has been documenting the anemia experiences in several countries (such as Ghana, the Kyrgyz Republic, Nepal, Sierra Leone, and Uganda), which provide unique insight into the challenges and successes of leading a coordinated response. The lessons learned in these countries can guide other countries embarking on a similar process.


Photo of farmers, close up, working in the ground with his hands, behind him, two men are tilling the ground, tools held high to swing down into the grass. Photo credit: Feed the Future.
Dec 2017
Key stakeholders explore SPRING’s newest training, Accelerating Behavior Change for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture.
Chargé d'Affaires Alan Meltzer discusses SPRING’s community approach with project staff and volunteers before the household visit.
Dec 2017
Chargé d’Affaires Alan Meltzer observed SPRING activities in Jan-Bulak village where he joined a home visit with a community volunteer to discuss important nutrition topics with a young mother.
Image displaying a cascading stack of the front pages for the three articles.
Dec 2017
Key participants of the Micronutrient Powders Consultation wrote a series of three articles to discuss and elevate the literature on micronutrient powder implementation research.

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